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Dull day

Monday 14th November 2022, 10.05am (day 4,099)

Dull day, 14/11/12

A dull day in every sense. The glorious sunshine that we experienced on Saturday has been replaced by grey mist and drizzle. This explains a lot about the British psyche. Don’t get used to it being nice, because within a couple of days it’ll all turn to crud again.

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Sunday 13th November 2022, 10.45am (day 4,098)

Captions, Leeds, 13/11/22

It looks like I may have laid these captions over the photo with some editing software but that’s not the case. Instead these were hanging above Briggate, in Leeds, because someone had clearly decided that positive-sounding, but actually meaningless, exhortations to solidarity are just what the country needs to get us through this time of incompetency.

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On the water, Brighouse

Saturday 12th November 2022, 1.15pm (day 4,097)

Duck on canal, 12/11/22

High pressure and warm air idling up from Spain, apparently, made this surely the warmest and most pleasant November 12th in my lifetime — even on St Helena last year it was not as nice as this. I refuse to consider this a bad thing: not on the day, at least. I’m sure the ducks think it’s better than the alternative as well.

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Party for Steve’s 70th

Friday 11th November 2022, 8.05pm (day 4,096)

Steve's 70th, 11/11/22

Should I be worried that I now have friends — not just ‘friends of my Dad’ — who are reaching septuagenarian status? Well, here we are. I have known Steve at least 20 years so when our friendship began he was younger than I am now, maybe that’s a scary thought too. Certainly he has appeared on this blog more than anyone else except my immediate family (me, Clare, Joe) and sneaks into the bottom right here for his 13th appearance. I guess I could have done better to photograph this event but it was a pretty low-key thing and to be honest I was knackered anyway after a long day of work. It was a nice beginning to the weekend though.

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Chinatown crane

Thursday 10th November 2022, 10.00am (day 4,095)

Chinatown crane, 10/11/22

I’m sure it’s up to something useful. One of those shots which, I am very aware, would have benefited from better symmetry, but there’s only so much preparatory work one can do while stood in the middle of a street.

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November morning in the park

Wednesday 9th November 2022, 11.00am (day 4,094)

Park in November, 9/11/22

9th November 2021 was the day on which I landed on St Helena. No such adventures await me this November, but then again, I don’t have to spend ten days in quarantine again. It was too nice a morning to stay indoors, wherever I was.

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View from the White House

Tuesday 8th November 2022, 1.50pm (day 4,093)

In this case the “White House” is a pub, up on the A58 road above Littleborough. Normally my journey to and from work would not take me near this place but thanks to the long and sorry litany of reasons why no one responsible for the UK train network was in the slightest bit bothered about running a service this morning, I ended up driving. Passing this point at 6am, all was still dark, but at least when I returned later, the sun had come out for a while. The hill on the horizon is Brown Wardle, at about 401m or 1,315 feet above sea level.

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Worldle (daily fix)

Monday 7th November 2022, 4.20pm (day 4,092)

Worldle, 7/11/22

Clare has her daily fix of brain food, but though this particular game is on her phone, she brings it up for my entertainment. I get most of them first go, to be honest. This one’s easy: we were there, not three months ago.

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Cake stall, Sunday market

Sunday 6th November 2022, 1.50pm (day 4,091)

Cake stall, 6/11/22

Actually she looks just like the kind of person who I would trust to deliver a really good cake. And it certainly looks that way, though I didn’t try the produce.

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Dalton Mills, Keighley

Saturday 5th November 2022, 1.35pm (day 4,090)

Ruined mill, Keighley, 5/11/22

Dalton Mills must have once been a major operation, going on the size of the building. Now it is ringed with fencing and ‘Trespassers Keep Out!’ notices — and some random vehicles, parked there in defiance of the possibility that the whole thing might just crumble down to street level at some point in the near future. It looks good, though, and whatever the plans are for it, I doubt that renovation will improve its aesthetic.

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