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“Bring me the Moon…”

Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 7.25am (day 2,504)

Crane and moon, 3/7/18

“Bring me the Moon”, ordered Gru, cackling as by the force of his will alone he controlled his minions and their new big white contraption.

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Thursday 5th October 2017, 1.10pm (day 2,233)

NGI translucency, 5/10/17

I have never noticed before taking this picture what a masterly piece of architecture the National Graphene Institute is. The crane you see in this picture is not a reflection. In fact, it stands behind the building, which is therefore translucent in its upper portion. Graphene was discovered by Andre Geim here at Manchester by how it adhered to pieces of sticky tape used to clean graphite, and look — here are those pieces, lined up, black, translucent — just like graphene. It’s brilliant, actually.

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Port operations

Friday 22nd September 2017, 11.00am (day 2,220)

St Malo port, 22/9/17

I did have a sea view from my hotel room in St. Malo. Kind of.

Last day in France. Despite the hassles getting here, it was a good trip.

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Building site #4

Wednesday 12th July 2017, 9.30am (day 2,148)

Building site no. 4, 12/7/17

I did a survey today and established there are presently ten building sites somehow or other getting in the way of my walk from Manchester Victoria to my office, as follows:

1) right outside the station; 2) the northern corner of the Arndale Centre is being redone; 3) on the corner of Chapel Walks and Cheapside 4) the corner of Mosley Street and Nicholas Street (the one pictured); 5) the building opposite the Chinese Arch that burned down last year; 6) big development blocking Abingdon Street at Major Street 7) the old BBC site, which has spread out to block the cycle path under the Mancunian Way at Brook Street; 8) the Engineering Campus Development at university; 9) the Brunswick Street ‘landscaping’ at same; 10) the Students’ Union redevelopment at same.

Manchester!! give this creative destruction a rest please!


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The bolt of stone

Thursday 22nd June 2017, 3.55pm (day 2,128)

Bolt of stone, 22/6/17

Now that’s a big…. large concrete thing. Actually I have no idea what function this could serve. It just continues the trend for Manchester city centre to be devoured by increasingly voracious machines. It’s like The Terminator meets War of the Worlds sometimes — which is where I came in with this shot.

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One St. Peter’s Square, Manchester

Monday 31st March 2014, 9.50am (day 949)

1 St Peter's Sq, 31/3/14

This new office building has been going up for some months now and makes its own contribution to the fact that most of central Manchester is currently a building site.

Last day of March, and also the last day of this 136-day stretch spent solely in the UK. The last time I took (or could take) a photo from outside this country was day 813. However, I am off to Norway tomorrow.

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The construction site, as babysitter

Monday 16th September 2013, 3.30pm (day 753)

Watching the building, 16/9/13

A bit of a repetition, after my picture of the same crane last Friday (the ‘unexpectedly large object‘), but the building works going on down there are attracting attention from all comers, as shown by today’s shot of a grandfather and grandson (the relationship was obvious when you saw them from the front) getting some quality time in together, watching the action.

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Unexpectedly large object

Wednesday 11th September 2013, 2.05pm (day 748)

Crane, Calrec, 11/9/13

Now that’s something I don’t see out the back window of my house every day. Hence, it gets recorded on the blog. On days working (marking) at home, seeing something new is what keeps it going. The building work has been going on down there for some weeks now, but this was distinctive enough to be worth devoting a day’s photo.

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Working on the new ‘Learning Commons’

Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 3.45pm (day 313)

Learning commons, 3/7/12

Today was a dull day in every respect. The grey skies and rain are now a permanent feature of existence. Back in Manchester for the first time in 10 days but I spent most of it in my office, which isn’t a particularly great photographic subject (which is why there have been, to date, precisely no photos of it on this blog). This is the university’s new ‘learning commons’, due to open in time for the next academic year, and doubtless full of all sorts of exciting new devices that someone has decided will ‘enhance the learning experience’. Not that they ever asked any of the academics around Manchester who specialise in educational technology their opinion as to how it should be built. I know this, because I am one of them. I am sure it will be just perfect.

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