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Enjoying the sunshine

Monday 9th April 2018, 11.50am (day 2,419)

Jackdaw on chimney, 9/4/18

Hey, the sun was shining! And it was warm! Until the evening, anyway…

Excuse to break the run of what had been 18 days since the last time there was a morning shot, on 19th March. Even if today’s was only just in the morning.

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Camouflage (imperfect)

Tuesday 27th February 2018, 11.25am (day 2,378)

Snow camouflage, 27/2/18

Evidence of new tactics in the ongoing pigeon-duck conflict.¬† “Hah. I knew this camouflage would eventually come in useful. Now I can spy on the ducks without fear of detection.”

“Er… Bob? The feet?”

“Oh bugger.”

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Vantage point, Charlotte Street

Friday 2nd February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,353)

Manchester pigeon, 2/2/18

One of those pictures where I didn’t really notice the details until it was ‘developed’ (that is, uploaded to the laptop). I thought the pigeon was actually a traffic camera until I looked more closely.

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Robin at the station

Thursday 18th January 2018, 9.35am (day 2,338)

Robin at station, 18/1/18

Continued dim and gloomy light means this one isn’t going to win any nature photography plaudits but nevertheless, robins are hard birds not to like. Cute, colourful, unafraid of people, they hang out where we like to be — like this one at the railway station this morning. It would be nice if they would stay in one place a little longer, but I just about got the focus right here. I make this the fifth robin to appear on the blog. My favourite? This one, from 4th January 2017.

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Terminal D, Sheremetyevo

Wednesday 25th October 2017, 2.10pm (day 2,253)

Sheremetyevo pigeons, 25/10/17

And so, after two days of photographing monuments — and, y’know, doing a bit of work — I head home again. My colleague and I were wondering how these pigeons got into the Sheremetyevo airport buildings, but maybe they don’t even bother leaving; I should imagine there is more than enough here to feed and shelter them, rather like that Tom Hanks character in The Terminal. Warmer than a Moscow winter, anyway.

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Wednesday 13th September 2017, 2.50pm (day 2,211)

Magpie satellite dish, 13/9/17

There haven’t been¬† many animals on here lately so let’s rectify that. If anyone living toward the top of Highfield Crescent was getting any reception problems with their satellite signal this afternoon, here’s why.

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Rough time last night

Thursday 3rd August 2017, 11.55am (day 2,170)

Shaggy bird, 3/8/17

I sympathise. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

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Sunday 23rd July 2017, 2.20pm (day 2,159)

Scavenging, 23/7/17

Spent a little while today watching this bird (probably a jackdaw although I have given up trying to identify these species accurately) working out how it could get at the bounty inside this rubbish skip with its marginally open lid. This was the moment of triumph.

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Humph the Heron (maybe)

Monday 8th May 2017, 7.50am (day 2,083)

Humph the heron, 8/5/17

Impossible to be sure whether this is the same heron that has (possibly) had a few appearances on this blog over the last 18 months — including this one for instance. Comparing the photos I think this one may be a different, and younger, one. To me it looks a bit like a very thin person who has just been reluctantly dipped in a swimming pool and is now standing by the side of the water, shivering, knock-kneed and wrapped in a grey bathrobe. But it was a sunny spot to dry out this morning, either way,

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Cemetery chicken

Tuesday 18th April 2017, 1.50pm (day 2,063)

Cemetery chicken, 18/4/17

Visited Haworth today, mainly to get out of the house on this week off work. Haworth gives good cemetery; it also appears to have a flock of (apparently) feral chickens which occupy the same evolutionary niche as pigeons do in other similar places. So, a chicken in a cemetery then. Why not? It pleases the tourists.

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