Preikestolen, 19/6/14

Preikestolen, Norway, 19th June 2014

I have started this for no political reason, I have no agenda to push, nothing to sell. In that respect you might consider it just another addition to the data smog. But I’ve been keeping a diary every day since 1984 and this is just an extension of that.

I am trying to document every day, as attractively as I can, while sticking to simple rules, which are:

  • One photo, and only one photo, per day: but every day. It will have been taken on that day.
  • I will not have gone out of my way to take the photos specially. I will just document whatever I happen to be doing. Photos are not staged or posed. All light is what is ‘naturally’ available to me at the time.

I started out intending to document only one year, that starting on my 42nd birthday on August 26th 2011; hence the title of the blog. However, once I got to the end of year 1 I decided to just keep going. At the time of writing (March 2021) I have reached 3,500 days and at the moment may as well keep going indefinitely. Disasters aside (and it may happen one day; lost camera, say, or broken SD card) I am certainly going to see it through until the 10th anniversary in August 2021.

Me (and Clare) at the start of the year, 26/8/11.

Me (and Clare) at the start of the blog, 26/8/11. (I’m greyer now.)

You can piece my bio together from info on the site, but in case you were wondering — I am an academic at the University of Manchester, UK. I have sold a few copies of photos now and again but I am not a professional photographer. Almost all the pictures on here have been taken with a reasonaby good, but far from expensive camera — I’ve seen off three so far.  Companion #4, since 2018, is a Canon Power Shot SX60 HS.

All photos on this site have been taken by me and are © Andrew Whitworth 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. They cannot be reused, adapted or republished without permission. If for whatever reason you want to get in touch with me either use the comment facility here or email me on drew.whitworth@manchester.ac.uk .

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Mark says:

    Cool blog, and you’re a Hitchhiker’s fan 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Thanks for coming by the Ogden Museum! Great photograph.

  3. Noelia Tapia says:

    Hi! I would like to contact you in order to ask for your permission to use one of your photos. Could you please reply me back to the email address I’ve written in the form. Thanks!

  4. LFFL says:

    How fun for a blog! Cool.

  5. ywwp says:

    hi Andrew,
    Just go to Settings>Sharing, and select the checkbox – Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    Now if someone visits your blog, he/she may like the post without opening the post separately. It will help you get more likes on the blog.

  6. what is your name?

  7. Sartenada says:

    My blog differs from Yours, because I post only bimonthly presenting then one theme. My opinion is that one photos is not enough in my case.

    I show here one example:

    Reindeer race.

    I just wonder how I could have presented this unique happening in the whole world with one photo, so that visitors from countries who do not have any idea about reindeers and this kind of competition open for everyone free.

    Happy and safe travels.

  8. raziahroushan says:

    Hi Andrew – I’d like to use your “Pink Haired Woman” photo for a chalk festival coming up. I’m a professional, visual artist. I’ve been creating large-scale street paintings for over a decade (http://www.raziahroushan.com/galleries/chalk/). Anyway, I came across your photo and love it!! I wanted to get your permission before using it in my application for the Seattle chalk festival. Do you know who the lady is? Or what her story was? Please let me know as soon as possible if that would be ok. Thank you!
    – Raziah Roushan, fellow planet traveler.

    • Drew Whitworth says:

      Dear Raziah, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid I know nothing about this person at all — she was just someone seen across an airport departure lounge, in Helsinki as it happens. I greatly admired the fact that she looked that well groomed at around 7 am. But other than that — nothing I’m afraid. However, please do use the photo if you like and send me a picture of the chalk version when it’s done, that would be excellent!

  9. […] so there wasn’t much to depict. But feel free to compare this with the shot remaining on the “About” page, showing me on day 1, 26/8/11, and evaluate what the passage of 2,685 days has done to yr. humble […]

  10. […] know that on my ‘About’ page I claim that this blog is intended to be apolitical. But now and again I make exceptions, and this […]

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