Top 10, years 3 & 4

I never did get round to doing a top 10 in year 3, so let’s combine my favourites from years 3 – 4 of this blog (26th August 2013 – 25th August 2015). All of these are chosen purely because I like them: I have taken no account whatsoever of popular opinion :-). The photos are presented in chronological order. I have resisted the urge to add commentary/waffle — each of these pictures can stand up by itself.

Brighton Pier, 9/10/131. Brighton Pier, 9th October 2013

Duddon estuary, 11/10/132. Duddon Estuary, Cumbria, 11th October 2013

Little Yarlside, 11/3/143. Little Yarlside, Cumbria, 11th March 2014

Violet, 21/6/144. Near Hebden Bridge, 21st June 2014

Sungazing, 15/9/145. Palace Theatre, Manchester, 15th September 2014

December street, 5/12/146. Rock Ferry, Merseyside, 5th December 2014

Mount Fløyen, 4/2/157. Mount Fløyen, Bergen, 4th February 2015

Huddersfield Narrow Canal, 22/3/158. Slaithwaite, 22nd March 2015

Platform 12, 24/3/159. Leeds station, 24th March 2015

Steve at Barafu camp, 1/8/1510. Barafu camp, Kilimanjaro, 1st August 2015

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