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Thursday 2nd June 2022, 6.00pm (day 3,934)

Spider on grate, 2/6/22

The second picture in a row to show another inhabitant of our living room that has more legs than Clare and I put together. Perhaps we should clean our now-unused fire grate a little more often, but now this beastie has moved in, we could let it lie for a while longer.

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The old fireplace in the attic

Sunday 5th January 2014, 7.00pm (day 864)

Old fireplace, 5/1/14

More Victorian architecture. But because I had to start work again today after my Christmas break, I never left the house, and because I live in a piece of it, Victorian architecture is what you get.

However, there is some additional relevance to the picture, which is that after about a week of heroic house clearance and trips to the tip, sorry, ‘Household Waste Recycling Centre’, this old fireplace is actually visible again for the first time in about two years. Not to mention the floor of this room. Worth documenting, then, in my opinion….

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