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Boring, but with effects

Tuesday 30th May 2023, 10.45am (day 4,296)

Office with star effect, 30/5/23

Having walked around eighteen miles yesterday, I did not leave the house today and got on with necessary work, stuff like online teaching (two of those), marking (lots), etc. Exciting it was not. Playing with some effects on my relatively new camera was as much as I managed. This is a truly naff image, I accept that, but so went the day.

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The foyer

Friday 19th May 2023, 3.10pm (day 4,285)

EWB foyer, 19/5/23

I said on Tuesday that campus was busying up. I withdraw that assessment after today’s visit, on which I reckoned I might have been the only member of uni staff in the whole Ellen Wilkinson Building that turned up today. And I only really did that for the step count. I have worked (occasionally) in the EWB for coming up to 18 years now, and it does not ever get much more visually interesting than this.

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Study space (abstract)

Tuesday 16th May 2023, 2.10pm (day 4,282)

Study space, 16/5/23

Did something I have not done for 11 days and went onto campus. It seemed busy today: ‘revision week’ has kicked in. This student was one of many using the various little pods and cubbyholes that are littered around the place. This is intended as an abstract, a study in yellow (or is it green?), shapes and shadows. And portrait format rather than landscape, something else I don’t do much of lately.

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The latest restoration project

Monday 15th May 2023, 10.45am (day 4,281)

Dolls house, 15/5/23

A whole house has appeared upstairs — a desirable property, it seems, albeit one in need of restoration, and unfurnished. It looks like the wife is on a restoration project. Quite possibly this will be on the office floor until 2026, or thereabouts.

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At Discovery Point

Sunday 7th May 2023, 12.40pm (day 4,273)

Discovery Point, 7/5/23

I am still finding the light input of my new camera somewhat difficult to set accurately. Most of the time I get it to acceptable levels that reflect the environment but other times it’s way up or down, with unpredictable results. But ‘unpredictable’ can also mean ‘interesting’ and ‘not what was expected’ — as with here. This room, showing the introductory movie at the Discovery Point centre in Dundee, was quite dark when I took this one. It worked, though.

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The bloke at the back

Thursday 20th April 2023, 1.40pm (day 4,256)

Empty lecture theatre, 20/4/23

Another one of those shots that is basically an attempt to achieve some kind of perfect symmetry. Of course we are all imperfect beings so once again I cannot quite achieve it. I did wonder about asking the bloke at the back to move one seat to his left but perhaps he is the essential element that sets off everything else. Taken about fifteen minutes before our group presented at the conference — a few more people than him did turn up, honestly.

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Hugo no-go

Monday 17th April 2023, 10.40pm (day 4,253)

Hugo in White Swan, 17/4/23

It’s approaching chucking out time on Monday night in the White Swan but Hugo doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’s quite comfy, thank you.

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Beer abstract

Saturday 8th April 2023, 12.55pm (day 4,244)

Beer abstract, 8/4/23

A week off work thus far, and, including today, three days still to come. Perhaps I could have made more of an effort today, but beer was certainly a constitutive part of Saturday 8th April 2023, so let’s celebrate it.

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The Victoria cake stall, Friday evening

Friday 31st March 2023, 6.10pm (day 4,236)

Victoria cake stalll, 31/3/23

To cake or not to cake, that is the question, at the end of not just a working week but a whole term — I’m on my Easter break. Unless the French air traffic controllers stymie the deal, the next few posts should come from a country that has not yet appeared on this blog.

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Getting the eyes checked out

Monday 13th March 2023, 9.05am (day 4,218)

In the optician's, 13/3/23

Vision is important to me, and, I assume, to everyone: get your eyes checked when you can…

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