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Waiting it out on platform 5

Wednesday 14th March 2018, 10.50am (day 2,393)

Victoria, platform 5, 14/3/18

This blog isn’t intended to be political and it’s been a little while since I had cause to depict the lousy state of the local train service. I know this can be a default position for the commuter, that it’s always terrible, but really, Arriva Northern have surpassed themselves in recent months with overcrowding and cancellations. I am lucky – I can organise my day to avoid peak rush hours, on the whole, hence the timing of this shot. Many cannot and are forced to put up with the same crap every week day.

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Spring cleaning needed?

Monday 12th March 2018, 10.45am (day 2,391)

Cobweb, 12/3/18

A profoundly uneventful day, spent entirely at home, working, with grey light. Time to poke around in the dusty corners of the house to get a usable photo — and to be thinking that maybe it was time they were made a little less dusty.

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The Berlin Wall (remnant)

Friday 23rd February 2018, 1.55pm (day 2,374)

Berlin wall, 23/2/18

I wonder how many reputed bits of the Berlin Wall there are remaining in the world. I used to have at least one bit of rubble that was definitely part of it, because I removed it myself, on my one visit to Berlin in September 1990 when there was still quite a bit of it standing and being pulled down by tourists. Every bit of it that I could see at that time had been heavily graffitied so either this big, relatively clean chunk standing in the Imperial War Museum in London is from something else, or (more likely) this stood on the inside, facing the no-man’s land that stood between East and West from 1961-1989.

Whatever. Decent museum, the IWM, takes an even-handed view of its subject matter. And free, for now.

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Whitworth building corridor

Friday 16th February 2018, 12.15pm (day 2,367)

Whitworth corridor, 16/2/18In some shots it’s a matter of trying to stand as exactly in the centre of the pattern as is possible. I think I nearly made it but the window at the end betrays a slight bias to the left. But then of course if I was that worried about symmetry I would have ditched the shot when my colleague walked through the door.

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Much-ignored signage

Thursday 15th February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,366)

No entry, 15/2/18

Hey, I’m not morally censuring. A few seconds after taking this shot (oh look…. sunshine!), I also ignored the signage. Everybody does. Come off the footbridge leading to platforms 4-6 on Victoria station and you can ignore it, too.

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Waiting room

Thursday 8th February 2018, 4.50pm (day 2,359)

Waiting room, 8/2/18

And how do you know it is a dentist’s waiting room? From the pencil pot shaped like a molar, of course. Quite upstages the fish in the background.

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On a Sunday afternoon walk

Sunday 28th January 2018, 3.45pm (day 2,348)

Waiting dog, 28/1/18

“Come on a walk, they said. Lots of balls and squirrels to chase, they said. Hmmph. This don’t match my idea of fun. There aren’t even any crisps to eat.”

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Doug makes a connection

Sunday 21st January 2018, 3.25pm (day 2,341)

Playing connections, 21/1/18

I’m still not particularly well, and despite a tolerable interlude yesterday the weather basically continues very crappy: ‘Outside’ at the moment is a euphemism for ‘Being sprayed with icy precipitation in a variety of forms’. So, more board games then. And a visit from Doug, who thereby makes — in part — his third appearance on the blog.

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In a coma

Friday 19th January 2018, 5.50pm (day 2,339)

Watching DVD, 19/1/18

Today was a total write-off in every sense, thanks to the norovirus. If you’ve never had it, all I can say is, lucky you. I roused myself from coma only to take a photo and prevent this blog grinding to a halt after 2,338 days.

(The DVD? LCD Soundsystem’s live recording, Shut Up and Play the Hits.)



Trades Club, Friday night

Friday 12th January 2018, 9.50pm (day 2,332)

Glitterball, 12/1/18

Planet Glitterball oversees the fun and frolics at the Friday night disco in the Trades Club. I remember going out. Not necessarily coming home, but that’s a story for Saturday morning. Perhaps.

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