After the party, the meeting

Thursday 27th October 2016, 3.05pm (day 1,890)

Meeting room debris, 27/10/16

Took my bad post-party head into a day of teaching and meetings and it really was quite as exciting as this shot reflects. Clare has been trying to deconstruct this photo as I put together this post and seems to think this is about death and life juxtaposed, or something. So who am I to argue?

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Clare’s 40th birthday partty

Wednesday 26th October 2016, 9.40pm (day 1,889)

Clare 40th party, 26/10/16

A very happy birthday to the wife, born 26/10/1976 and thus forty years old TODAY. And how can one fail to go for someone with such attention to their make-up. Hun…. love you loads and may there be many more of these.

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Joe at a crossroads

Tuesday 25th October 2016, 2.25pm (day 1,888)

Joe at crossroads, 25/10/16

It’s half-term, so school is closed, and with Clare at university today it fell to me to entertain the Boy. By a few miles into the walk I chose he was probably regretting this, but too late. Still, even he agreed it was better than sitting in school.

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(nearly) Empty breakfast room

Monday 24th October 2016, 8.20am (day 1,887)

Breakfast, Arundel Park, 24/10/16

On Sunday morning this room was full, but clearly Clare and I were the only people who felt like extending their stay at the Arundel Park hotel into Monday morning. What the hell, it’s been an excellent weekend.

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Arundel Castle walls

Sunday 23rd October 2016, 10.45am (day 1,886)

Arundel castle walls, 23/10/16

Arundel Castle in Sussex dates from the 12th century, and is a great study in just how much power and privilege remains on this smallish island off the coast of Europe. The castle walls are monstrously immense. This place is like Gormenghast, a vast fortress rising above a small town above, but otherwise relatively isolated, ruling over a huge swathe of countryside. Most countries got rid of their aristocracies a hundred or so years ago, of course, but we in England haven’t got round to it yet, so this place is still lived in — the home of the 18th Duke of Norfolk.

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Balcony, Hotel Pelirocco

Saturday 22nd October 2016, 11.45am (day 1,885)

Pelirocco balcony, 22/10/16

On a gloriously sunny Saturday, there are many worse places to be than by the seaside in Brighton, believe me.

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Chequers pub, Brighton

Friday 21st October 2016, 10.35pm (day 1,884)

Chequers pub, 21/10/16

It’s Clare’s birthday on Wednesday, one of those significant ones — or rather, one that we culturally choose to assign significance to because it has a zero at the end. Anyway, the celebrations are taking place in various locations over the next few days and start this weekend with her & I going down to Brighton, where this shot is taken. It’s a mess I know, but so are most things by 10.35pm on a Friday night out; the time makes this the latest shot on the blog since June 2015.

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Thursday 20th October 2016, 12.15pm (day 1,883)

DMIL class, 20/10/16

It’s nice to see I can still have a reasonably engaging effect on my students…. (with help today, I admit)…

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Snug bug

Wednesday 19th October 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,882)

Snug bug, 19/10/16

I think this ladybird looks quite snug and comfortable on its apple tree leaf. Winter is coming, though… better get inside somewhere, beetle.

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Circle Square rises

Tuesday 18th October 2016, 9.40am (day 1,881)

Circle Square, 18/10/16

Point one’s camera in almost any direction in Manchester these days and one will hit a building site. This particular one — to be known, once complete, as ‘Circle Square’ (you have to cringe just a little bit) —  is on the site of the old BBC building. Creative destruction….? Something to record, at least.

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