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Reflections of a limited existence

Tuesday 19th January 2021, 7.00pm (day 3,435)

Books in window, 20/1/21

The world is still out there, somewhere…. so we’ve been told. Across the valley, there’s a house that doesn’t seem to have removed its Christmas lights yet. Meanwhile, at home, the movie collection keeps a semblance of entertainment ticking over.

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In St. George’s Square

Monday 3rd August 2020, 3.45pm (day 3,266)

Reflections in square, 3/8/20

The square reflected in the roundel, these posts standing outside the Shoulder of Mutton pub, happily reopened, after not just the c*r***v**** crap but the floods of Feb 9th as well. You see, we need economic activity here.  Which is why this new ‘local lockdown’ has had no discernible effect at all.

This is a kind-of self-portrait: look closely enough into the mirror and I’m there in the background.

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Sunset mist

Saturday 26th November 2016, 3.10pm (day 1,920)

Sunset mist, 26/11/16

Another very beautiful day, ending beautifully. The ‘sun’ poking through the hillside is in fact a reflection off one of the houses on Heptonstall Road. Mist filled the air this morning and by the looks of things, so it will tomorrow morning too.

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Gibson Mill

Monday 30th May 2016, 1.10pm (day 1,740)

Gibson Mill, 30/5/16

Gibson Mill, buried in the heart of the woods of Hardcastle Crags about 2.5 miles from Hebden Bridge town centre, has in its time been a mill, a roller-disco (honestly) and, now, the visitor centre for this National Trust property. This is something of a stock Hebden Bridge shot, but one that has as yet been unseen on this blog. (And seeing as I’m still trying to avoid repetition after 1,740 days, I guess that means it will now be unseen in the future. So make the most of it.)

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Exchange Square, Manchester

Wednesday 10th February 2016, 10.45am (day 1,630)

Exchange Square, 10/2/16

I know we were here less than a week ago, with the dragon, but he’s moved on, and this was the best picture I got today to celebrate a strange atmospheric condition in Manchester this morning; an odd blue cast to the light, a weird dryness in the air and a burning yellow ball above, giving nostalgic reminders of times long past. It was very pleasant. I like here how the Corn Exchange is reflected in the glass.

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Couple in the White Lion

Sunday 14th June 2015, 5.10pm (day 1,389)

Couple White Lion, 14/6/15

A highly unexciting day, in all senses including photographically. But exploiting the back of the coffee machine may have given some surrealist quality to my creative efforts this afternoon.

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Self-portrait in beer pump

Wednesday 17th September 2014, 9.05pm (day 1,119)

Beer pump, 17/9/14

Tough assignment today. Working at home on a flat, grey day. So little to inspire that I was reduced to this attempt at an original self-portrait, which is OK I guess.

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Self-portrait in orange, University of Stavanger campus

Wednesday 18th June 2014, 12.25pm (day 1,028)

Self-portrait in orange, 18/6/14

It’s been November (or rather Movember) since a selfie appeared on the blog. This orange wall stands on the University of Stavanger campus where I was doing my day’s work today. I like the reflective bubble effect, but what puzzles me is where I’ve gone in the one to top right.

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The Muscovy duck finds a companion

Wednesday 28th May 2014, 4.10pm (day 1,007)

Muscovy duck, 28/5/14

It is over two years since this creature set up home in Hebden Bridge marina, first appearing on the blog in February 2012. As I have observed before, it is a long way from its natural home. I saw it standing outside the entrance to the tourist information office this afternoon, and thought at first that it was after food or something, but looking at this shot I wonder whether it might not just have been finding company in its reflection. This is the Muscovy duck’s fourth appearance on the blog (the remaining unlinked one is here) — few people have been on it as often.

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Bodhi sculpture, Borås

Monday 30th September 2013, 6.50pm (day 767)

Bodhi sculpture, 30/9/13Well, here I am in another new country for me – Sweden. I won’t see much of it, being here for under 48 hours all told, and just in this one small city, Borås, which is in the south of the country, not far from Gothenburg. Its claims to fame, so I can tell or have been told, are that — it is the home of the country’s most prestigious Library and Information Science School (this is why I’m here); is the textile capital of Sweden; it is the home of IF Elfsborg, football champions of Sweden in 2012; and it has a lot of sculpture, including this rather tasteful piece of work not far from the bus station, known, apparently, as ‘Bodhi’ (meditator). As of yet however, I have failed to find any particularly good beer here. Which is also worth noting.

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