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The barometer falls

Monday 13th January 2019, 3.50pm (day 3,063)

Barometer falling, 13/1/20

Now that’s a substantial drop in the air pressure. These days the Met Office give names to all the UK’s various stormy moments, which makes it all very media-friendly. But hey, here’s me doing my own media thing so let’s pay tribute to the incoming Storm Brendan and hope it doesn’t screw up my next couple of days too much.

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A lenient storm

Thursday 11th July 2019, 4.25pm (day 2,877)

Whitworth Street rain, 11/7/19

Back to work, back to Manchester. Walking home through the city under threatening clouds, strongly suspecting that at any time I was going to get drenched.Here, on Whitworth Street, the rain had begun to fall. But the storm was lenient; just this one shower, then it passed on, to go drench some other part of the world.

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The storm finally comes

Wednesday 19th July 2017. 9.50pm (day 2,155)

Evening rain, 19/7/17

As the day wore on, what had started out as ‘close’ weather became downright ‘muggy’ until negotiating the outside world became like wading through treacle. Finally, the storm broke and we got some much-needed rain. It was one of those days at work where I just didn’t really have time to take a decent photo, and anyway, evenings have largely disappeared from this blog at the moment so let’s use this one (in fact this is the latest picture in a day since 9th March). We can call it ‘Storm Study (blue and yellow)’, if you like.

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Storms gather

Saturday 27th May 2017, 3.15pm (day 2,102)

Storm gathers, 27/5/17

The good weather broke, to some extent, although there was not the rain that the gathering clouds and rumbles of thunder promised. Dramatic-looking skies though. This was the last sighting of the sun today.

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Grim day (Storm Doris)

Thursday 23rd February 2017, 11.45am (day 2,009)

Storm Doris, 23/2/17

As of a couple of years ago our Meteorological Office started naming our winter storms in accordance with the convention for hurricanes, cyclones etc. — it’s more media-friendly, you can tweet about #StormDoris which is the one which apparently hit the UK today. I don’t personally know anyone called Doris, but I have gone off the name after today — however, we could of course have Storm Drew at this time next year.

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Saturday 26th March 2016, 4.45pm (day 1,675)

Mini tornado, 26/3/16

I swear Hebden Bridge was hit by a mini-tornado at about 4.45pm. If it was just a ‘squall’ I’ve never seen one like that before, not in this country anyway. Wicked winds for a sudden two minutes, enough to shuffle parked cars visibly along the street and it looks like it might have caused a car crash just out of town, near the station. Clare and I were out in it; a slightly scary but also exhilarating experience in a way….

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The storm clears

Wednesday 18th November 2015, 3.40pm (day 1,546)

Clearing storm, 18/11/15

Clearing, yes — but it had still dumped plenty of rain on us before doing so, and it had siblings on the way. Come take some of our weather, please. We have lots to spare.

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June storm

Monday 8th June 2015, 5.15pm (day 1,383)

Summer storm, 8/6/15

Was up at 5am to go to London for the day to work, and did take a gratuitous shot of Hebden Bridge at that time mainly because I have still yet to offer a shot from the hour of 5:00 – 5:59 in my near four years of doing this blog. However, this one twelve hours later was a more creative effort. Taken from the train home, just south of Peterborough.

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Take-off, Dubrovnik airport

Thursday 23rd October 2014, 4.55pm (day 1,155)

Take off, 23/10/14

Not my take-off, obviously — but we were next in line to head into this rather worrying sky. Mind you, I shouldn’t have been anywhere near being able to take this shot. I had to sit through a five-hour flight delay today on my way home from an enjoyable few days in Dubrovnik. But these things happen for a reason.

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Stormy sky, Stavanger

Tuesday 9th September 2014, 6.05pm (day 1,111)

Stavanger storm, 9/9/14

Day 1,111 of the blog, so something of a numerical curiosity, and worth trying to mark with a decent photo, at least. This is the old Port of Stavanger, still used by cruise ships and tourist fjord cruises, caught in the evening light but with a dark and stormy sky behind — though the storm never actually came. I like the single seagull caught in the rays.

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