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Keep out

Monday 7th September 2020, 10.35am (day 3,301)

Keep out of uni, 7/9/20

I did get into my workplace today, but this is a juxtaposition that seems to sum up several things about the experience.

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Chapel Walks, Manchester

Tuesday 1st September 2020, 9.15am (day 3,295)

Chapel walks, 1/9/20

Into September, and Manchester still seems mostly dead.  It’s the cities that seem to have been hit worst by the mass lunacy.  Manchester City Council puts up signs saying “Help Manchester on its road to recovery — by staying 2m apart!” This is doublethink.  The only way that cities will be helped to recover is when people decide for themselves that they are going back to work there.  As I have.

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Thursday 13th August 2020, 11.25am (day 3,276)

View from Uni Place, 13/8/20

In the last 145 days, this is only the third picture in Manchester. Which considering I nominally work there, shows the impact of lockdown.  But today I went into campus as is normal and occupied my office and generally hung out in the places I tend to hang out when down there.  The amount of re-motivation this gave me was very noticeable.  Those vested interests who want to keep us locked up, who profit from it, not only don’t need to account for this kind of thing, they strive to actively ignore it.  Always ask — cui bono? Who benefits?

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“Shop for Britain”

Tuesday 16th June 2020, 11.30am (day 3,218)

Arndale, 16/6/20

I did two things today which I have not done since 21st March — 1) get on a train 2) go to Manchester.

A tabloid headline seen yesterday exhorted me to “SHOP FOR BRITAIN!” and who am I to ignore the clarion call of the redtops? There weren’t many other people who accompanied me, as evident from this shot of the epicentre of the Manchester Arndale Centre, but I guess that’s something we should approve of, at this time of doublethink.

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Victoria takes a pause

Saturday 21st March 2020, 12.55pm (day 3,131)

Quiet Victoria, 21/3/20

I had to go into Manchester today to pick up some things. This is the 611th photo on this blog that has been taken in the city — but quite possibly the last for some time, unless things change radically. But as you can see, social distancing was maintained. What my feelings are about the steps currently being taken are not relevant here: like I’ve done for the last 3,130 days, I will just do my best to document what I see.

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View from 82 King Street

Monday 9th March 2020, 12.50pm (day 3,119)

Manchester city centre, 9/3/20

Another photo of Manchester buildings looking dramatic; but from a new angle, taken from a meeting room in a building never before visited. The framing isn’t quite what it could be, but much different and the flourescent strips inside would have been reflected in the clouds. As it is, there’s one there — but I’m sure you will let that pass. The dominant building is the Town Hall, the direction of the view basically westwards.

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Friday 28th February 2020, 2.50pm (day 3,109)

Rainbow umbrella, 28/2/20

I seem to remember praising January 2020 for its weather, and I stand by that. February 2020 on the other hand — that can piss right off, frankly. And this year we get an extra day of it.

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Princess Street

Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10.15am (day 3,099)

Princess Street, 18/2/20

A familiar scene on the walk to work. This just about now passes the ‘no building sites’ rule as the block to the left, under construction for what seems like about a decade, is mostly finished. The speed camera doesn’t seem to have a great deal to do on this Tuesday morning.

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L. S. Banksy

Monday 10th February 2020, 7.55am (day 3,091)

L. S. Banksy, 10/2/20

Another early morning in Manchester. The difference in the light, bearing in mind the 45 minute gap from the time of Friday’s shot, shows the current clocking on time for the sun. I love the details on this shot, the graffiti and the print.

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Chinatown morning

Thursday 6th February 2020, 9.10am (day 3,087)

Chinatown morning, 6/2/20

2020 has contained many things to complain about thus far, at least in the wider world, but the weather has not been amongst them. Perhaps it does foretell the melting of the world’s ecosystems somehow but believe me, it could be a lot worse. And time for the annual appearance of the Chinese lanterns on the blog, too.

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