Stats are correct up to and including 6th March 2019, which was day 2,750 of the blog.

View east from Skiddaw, 2/1/19

A total of 261 named locations have made it onto the blog, though some are collectives: for example, the Lake District, a label applied to everywhere within that National Park (like Skiddaw, pictured above). The 250th named location was Whitworth, Lancashire, on 17/11/18. However, more than 261 different places have actually appeared as, sometimes, when the photo is taken in or from some kind of transport, it is not possible to specify a location. These appear as ‘Unspecified’ in the lists below.

The top 10 locations, ranked by number of pictures, are:

Watching Blues Brothers, 22/7/18

  1. Hebden Bridge: 1,083 photos in my home town, or 39.38% of the total. The 1,000th photo was the one shown here, taken in the PIcture House on 22/7/18.
  2. Manchester: 536 in the city where I work, well, some of the time. 19.49% of the total. The 500th was taken on 3/10/18.
  3. The Lake District: 115, accepting its identity as a single location (see note above). The 100th was this shot, taken near the village of Uldale on 6th April 2018.
  4. London: 83.

Lambs and Skiddaw, 6/4/18

  1. Brisbane: 51.
  2. Moscow: 48
  3. Leeds: 44
  4. Bergen: 37
  5. Brighton: 33
  6. Morecambe: 26.

Between them these 10 locations account for 2,056, or 74.76% of all the shots on the blog. Other named locations in double figures are Halifax (22), Tromsø [pictured below] (14), Todmorden (14), Stavanger (13), Mytholmroyd (12), Lancaster (11) and Sydney (10).

Tromsø after take-off, 26/4/18

The longest sequences of photos in particular places are:

  • Brisbane holds the record, depicted on 15 days in a row (14/3/13 to 28/3/13).
  • Hebden Bridge‘s longest sequence was 10 days in a row (28/12/11 to 6/1/12) (it has had other longish sequences but I include only this longest one).
  • Yasawas, Fiji: 8 days (16/5/13 – 23/5/13).
  • Kilimanjaro National Park [pictured below]: 7 days (28/7/15 – 3/8/15).
  • Rome: 6 days (21/7/14 – 26/7/14): note that these pictures are from two different countries, with one being taken in the Vatican City, rather than Italy. Prague also makes 6 days (8/10/16 – 13/10/16).

Steve at Barafu camp, 1/8/15

Prague, Rome, Kilimanjaro and the Yasawas all make their only appearance on the blog with these sequences. In Prague’s case this extends to the country (the Czech Republic).

Several places manage five-day streaks. Moscow has done this three times. Manchester’s only one was 24/3/14 – 28/3/14. London finally managed one from 19/6/18 – 23/6/18 then a second from 30/1/19 – 3/2/19.

From 23/10/15 to 20/11/15 there were 29 consecutive pictures taken only in Hebden Bridge or Manchester, the longest such streak.

From 13/4/17 to 23/4/17 eleven different locations made it in eleven days: Manchester, Wolverhampton, Lancaster, Morecambe, the Lake District, Haworth, Hebden Bridge, Markham Moor, Cambridge, King’s Lynn and Heckington.

On two occasions there have been five consecutive days of named new locations: 8/6/13 – 12/6/13 in Norway (Tjeldstø, Finse, Oslo, Gardemoen, Stavanger), and 19/8/17 – 23/8/17 in Canada/USA (Toronto, Gilman, Ullin, Carbondale, Urbana). Though note also 14/2/12 – 20/2/12 in New Zealand where two ‘unspecified’ locations snuck in, thus making, technically, seven new places in seven days.

Chester station, 23/10/18The longest gap between appearances of a place has now been taken by Chester, which went 2,326 days, or around six and one-third years, between its debut on 10/6/12 (day 290) and its second appearance on 23/10/18 (day 2,616) — the picture above. A close second is Amsterdam, 2,268 days between 25/1/12 (day 153) and 11/4/18 (day 2,421).

The locations have been distributed through 32 countries, as follows (I have now split up the different component parts of the UK):

England accounts for 2,241 of the photos, or 81.49% of them. The longest run of English-only pictures came between 16/11/13 and 31/3/14 inclusive — 136 days. The 1,000th was taken in Hebden Bridge on 11/4/15 and the 2,000th also in HB on 9/6/18.

River Cam, 6/1/16

The full list of English locations (in alphabetical order) and the numbers of photos at each is as follows (for other parts of the UK see below):

Accrington (1), Arundel (3), Aston-on-Trent (1), Bamber Bridge (1), Billsborrow (1), Birkenhead (2), Birmingham (4), Blackburn (8), Blackpool (2), Bolton (1), Bradford (8), Brighouse (3), Brighton (33), Burnley (4), Burslem (1), Bury (1), Cambridge [pictured above] (5), Capel (1), Carlisle (2), Carshalton (1), Chester (2), Clitheroe (2), Cloughton (3), Colne (1), Coverdale (2), Cragg Vale (3), Crowborough (5), Derby (1), Doncaster (4), Dronfield (1), Dukinfield (3), Dunsop Bridge (1), Elland (1), Emley (2), Foxfield (2), Glasson (2), Grange-over-Sands (3), Halifax (22),  Harrogate (1), Haslingden (1), Hassocks (1), Haworth (5), Hebden Bridge (1,083), Heckington (1), Heysham (4), Heythrop Park (2), Huddersfield (6), Hurst Green (1), Hyde (1), Keighley (4), Kendal (1), King’s Lynn (1), Kirkby-in-Furness (1), Lake District (115), Lancaster (11), Leeds (44), Littleborough (6), Liverpool (6), London (83), Long Causeway (3), Luddenden (2), Lutterworth (1), Manchester (536), Markham Moor (1), Marshaw (1), Middleham (2), Middlesbrough (2), Midgley (1), Mills Hill (4), Morecambe (26), Mossley (1), Mytholmroyd (12), Nelson (1), Newcastle (4), Nottingham (2), Oakworth (1), Oldham (2), Oxenhope (4), Peterborough (2), Pickering (1), Poulton-le-Fylde (1), Preston (5), Ravenglass (1), Ribblehead (1), Ripponden (1), Rochdale (5), Sabden (9), Salford (4), Saltaire (1), Scarborough (1), Seaford (1), Seascale (1), Sheffield (3), Sidcup (6), Slaithwaite (1 — see below), Slyne (1), Solway Firth (1), Southport (1), Sowerby Bridge (2), Stalybridge (2), Stockport (1), Stockton-on-Tees (2), Stoke-on-Trent (1), Symonds Yat (2), Todmorden (13), Ulverston (1), Unspecified (12), Walsden (2), Wellingborough (1), Wetherby (4), Whalley (2), Whitehaven (1), Whitworth (1), Wigan (1), Wolverhampton (2), Worksop (1), Worston (1), Wraysholme (1), Yarm (1), York (9).

Huddersfield Narrow Canal, 22/3/15

Of these, the most recent one to be depicted for the first time was Seaford (28/1/19).  The place I visited longest ago, without yet having gone back, was Stockport (14/10/11). My favourite ‘one-off’ shot was long held by one taken in Birkenhead but then I went back there, so I now nominate the one above, which is the only one taken so far in Slaithwaite, Yorkshire (on 22/3/15).

Australia is the second most-depicted country with 97 photos:

Old water pump, 8/2/13

Adelaide (2), Ballina (1), Brisbane (51), Byron Bay (3), Cleveland (1), Cooktown (1), Geelong (1). Glasshouse mountains (1), Glenelg (1), Hobart (4), Kangaroo Island [pictured] (4), Katoomba (3), Laura (1), Melbourne region (1), Mulligan highway (1), Nimbin (1), Redcliffe (1), South Port (1), Stradbroke Island (3), Sydney (10), Torquay (1), Wagga Wagga (4).

Norway: catching up Australia with 95. Locations: Aursfjord (1), Bergen (37), Bodø (1), Bø (1), Finse (1), Gardemoen airport (3), Kristiansand (3), Lysefjord (1), Oslo (3), Ringvassøy (2), Seljord (2), Skulsfjord (1), Snilstveitøy [pictured below] (1), Stavanger (13), Tjeldstø (1), Tromsø (14), Trondheim (3), Unspecified (6), Østerfjord (1).

Sea monster island, 3/2/15

Russia: 60. Domodedovo airport (4), Khanty-Mansiysk (5), Khimki (2), Moscow (48), Unspecified (1).

Scotland: 33. Aberdeen (6), Aberdour (2), Annan (1), Attadale (1), Burntisland (1), Dundee (4), Edinburgh (7), Forth Bridge (1), Glasgow (5), Glen Clova (1), Gretna (1), Hamilton (1), Inverness (1), Kirkcaldy (1).

The United States of America: 29. Atlanta airport (1), Carbondale (1), Chicago (1), Gilman [pictured] (1), Honey Island swamp (1), Lake Pontchartrain (1), New Orleans (3), San Francisco  (5), Stanford (2), Tuscaloosa (4), Ullin (1), Unspecified (1), Urbana (4), West Lafayette (3).

Gilman, Illinois, 20/8/17

Here, let’s list the states too, which are Alabama (4), California (7), Georgia (1), Illinois (9), Indiana (3), Louisiana (5).

Finland: 17. Helsinki (9), Oulu (5), Tampere (3).

Wales: 16. Aberystwyth (2), Conwy (1), Devil’s Bridge (1), Flint (1), Llandudno (3), Llangollen (1), Newport (3), Ponterwyd (1), Portmeirion (1), Prestatyn (1), Rhyl (1).

New Zealand: 13. Collingwood (2), Dunedin (1), Heaphy Track [pictured below] (3), Karamea (1), Marlborough Sound (1), Nelson (1), Stewart Island (3), Unspecified (1).

DOC worker, Heaphy Coast, 28/2/13

Tanzania: 12. Dar es Salaam (1), Kilimanjaro national park (7), Moshi (3), Unspecified (1).

The Netherlands: 12. Amsterdam (4), Maastricht (3), Schiphol airport (5).

Germany: 12. Berlin (3), Hamburg (3), Munich (3), Passau (1), Regensburg (1), Simbach am Inn (1).

Croatia: 10. Dubrovnik (3), Dubrovnik airport (1), Popovici (1), Zagreb (5).

Fiji: 10. Nadi (1), the Yasawas (8), Unspecified (1).

Tokyo sunrise, 25/3/17

Denmark: 10. Copenhagen (3), Kastrup airport (3), Nyborg (2), Øresund (1), Æbelø (1).

Japan: 9. Osaka (2), Tokyo [pictured above] (7).

The Channel Islands: 9. Alderney (3), Lihou Island (1), Pembroke Bay (1), Sark (1 – pictured below), St Peter Port (2), St Martins (1).

France: 8. Paris (4), St Malo (4).

Port de Moulin, Sark, 13/8/18

Kenya: 8. Lake Naivasha (1), Nairobi (7).

Italy: 6. Fiumicino airport (1), Rome (5 — see also the Vatican, listed below).

Czech Republic: 6. Prague (6).

Portugal: 6. Cascais (1), Lisbon (4, including the one just below), Sintra (1).

On the Tagus, 30/7/16

Sweden: 5. Borås (2), Gothenburg (2), Unspecified (1).

Estonia: 4. Tallinn (4).

Lebanon: 3. Beirut (3).

Ljubljana, 12/4/18

Slovenia: 2. Ljubljana [pictured above] (2).

The Vatican City: 1. Rome [obviously] (1).

Inverness, on 14/2/19, became the blog’s first I. No places beginning with the letters J, Q or X have yet appeared on the blog.

Beneath mushroom cloud, 18/10/15

The remaining few pictures are accounted for by:

  • In addition to ‘Unspecified’ shots where I at least knew what country I was in, 10 photos have been taken in or from planes where it is not possible to identify a country (such as the one above, which could be Belgium, France or Germany going on the route of the flight I was on at the time)
  • Two photos are flyovers of countries I did not visit: the photo of Lake Nasser on 11/1/13 was taken over Egypt; and then there is Canada (Toronto) on 19/8/17.
  • Four photos were taken in airports while changing planes, but I did not leave the airport and visit the country: Singapore (Changi airport); the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi); and Turkey (Istanbul airport), which has managed this twice (18/8/13 and 25/7/15).

Ringvassøy, 2/10/17

Geographical extremes are as follows:

  • Northernmost photo: The photo of the mountains on Ringvassøy, Norway, taken on 2/10/17 at approximately 69º 55′ North (pictured above)
  • Southernmost: Pretty much a dead heat between two photos taken on Stewart Island, New Zealand, on 20/2/13 and 22/2/13: both are more-or-less at 43º 53′ South.
  • Easternmost: The photo of the dancers in Nadi, Fiji, on 15/5/13, at approximately 177º 25′ East.
  • Westernmost: the one of the Aquatic Park Pier, San Francisco,  taken on 29/3/15 at around 122º 25′ West.

Roof of Africa, 2/8/15

  • Highest above sea level: discounting photos taken from planes, the highest was — and realistically always will be — this picture of the summit of Kilimanjaro. As I’m slightly below the summit here, this is about 5,885 metres or around 19,310 feet above sea level. The highest UK shot is the one approaching the summit of Scafell Pike on 19/5/12, which must be about 3,100 feet.


  • Joe, my son, has made his century, appearing on 108 photographs (equating to an average of once every 25.46 days)
  • Clare, my wife, is on 92
  • 34 photographs can be considered self-portraits
  • My friend Steve Grey is on 9 photos
  • My mother-in-law Carol is on 5, as is my Dad
  • Three people are on four photos, ten people are on three photos each, and nineteen other people are on two photos each.

All the rest are single-serving models. Of these the cutest – of the single-serving models, before the wife complains – is this lady here! Wowza! No strangers have yet appeared on more than one photo but I do see the same people around in the same places now and again, and have got close to it.

Pink haired woman , 30/9/11

Celebrity-spotting — at least, these people count as celebrities in my world: Bobby Gillespie; Saint Etienne; Michelle Ackerley; Peter Hook; Gogol Bordello; David Stockdale; Dick Knight; Jürgen Habermas; Etienne Wenger; Julian Cope, the Charlatans , James Murphy and Neil Young. I have no idea who the lady at the Amsterdam movie premiere was, but I assume she was a celebrity in the Netherlands at least, judging by the number of cameras (including mine) being shoved in her face.


Muscoy duck, 17/5/15

Five animals have definitely appeared more than once. The Muscovy duck that adopted Hebden Bridge as its home has appeared on five photos: complicated by the fact that more muscovy ducks did turn up but the original is the one pictured above (4/2/12 , 7/7/13,  6/2/13,  28/5/14 and 17/7/15). Tara, the Railway’s adopted pub dog (sadly now deceased) has been on four photos. Two dogs have appeared twice: a whippet, first on 8/2/12 the second time in unfortunate circumstances on July 9th 2012, and Maggie the black labrador (18/1/15 and 3/7/16). A cat (Mathilda, according to her name tag) has  appeared four times (18/5/14 , 8/3/15., 28.3.18, 28/8/18).

Humph the heron, 25/5/16

I suspect this heron has appeared more than once as well, on (at least) 23/1/17, 25/5/16 and 17/2/16 — can’t be wholly sure, but have a look at the pictures and decide for yourselves.

Birds are the most common form of animal to appear other than humans. A golden eagle in September 2012 was the best birdwatching coup, even if it’s not a great photo. This cassowary is probably the most exotic avian model, although a weka, a cockatoo, an emu, and, in suburban Kent, a parakeet also have a case.

Cassowary, 28/3/13

Most other common forms of animal have made it onto the blog at some point, though it took nearly three years for cows and fish to make it. Exotic non-bird life include an alligator, some elephants,three water dragons and six monkeys.

The picture here is the blog’s only documented and confirmed death so far (on 17/12/18): because believe me, this wasp didn’t make it.

Death of the wasp, 17/12/18


All times on the blog are rounded to the nearest five minutes (e.g. 8:55, 9:00, 9:05, etc). The most popular hours for taking photos reflect my average daily habits, like, when I am not sat in an office but wandering out in the streets, and the prevalence of daylight, as much as anything. 15:00-15:55 is the clear leader, which I also attribute to the number of photos I take at football matches (see list below). It has a clear lead with 295 pictures (10.73% of the total), followed by 14:00 – 14:55 with 276.

5.00 – 5.55 finally made it in January 2017 with a shot from Manchester Airport, meaning all hours of the day are represented somewhere.

Cragg Vale bunting, 7/7/14

The latest picture in a calendar day was taken in Brisbane at 23:50 on 17th March 2013 (St Patrick’s Day). The earliest was at 00:10 on 27th September 2014 in Bergen. However, reflecting bedtimes, the earliest genuine morning shot, that is, a shot taken after I had spent the first part of the day asleep and then got up, was at 3.45 am on 7th July 2014 [pictured above] and the latest night shot (end of an evening out) has recently been nicked by the one at 3.05am on 23rd June 2018.

From 17/2/13 to 11/3/13 I had 21 consecutive afternoon shots. The longest run of consecutive morning shots is 6, which occurred on 9/10/13 – 14/10/13, 30/6/18 – 5/7/18, and 2/2/19 – 7/2/19.

The complete distribution of shots by time is:

  • 0.00 – 0.55: 3
  • 1.00 – 1:55: 3
  • 2.00 – 2.55: 1
  • 3:00 – 3:55: 4
  • 4.00 – 4:55: 2
  • 5.00 – 5.55: 1
  • 6.00 – 6.55: 17
  • 7.00 – 7.55: 63
  • 8.00 – 8.55: 163
  • 9.00 – 9.55: 255
  • 10.00 – 10.55: 183
  • 11.00 – 11.55: 260
  • 12.00 – 12.55: 216
  • 13.00 – 13.55: 213
  • 14.00 – 14.55: 276
  • 15.00 – 15.55: 295
  • 16.00 – 16.55: 246
  • 17.00 – 17.55: 184
  • 18.00 – 18.55: 124
  • 19.00 – 19.55: 95
  • 20.00 – 20.55: 57
  • 21.00 – 21.55: 40
  • 22.00 – 22.55: 26
  • 23.00 – 23.55: 12

The same time appearing on two consecutive days is less rare than one might think. Over the course of the blog this has happened 24 times, the last on 21/6/18 and 22/6/18 (both in London at 15:50). The closest to three-in-a-row came with 20/11/11 – 22/11/11 (9:55, 9:50, 9:50) and 10/11/14 – 12/11/14 (9:25, 9:25, 9:35).

Football stadia

Poulton FC celebrations, 19/5/18

Seeing as I have been known to attend the occasional football match, let’s list all the stadia that have appeared on the blog, currently numbering 61, plus five more that have appeared but where I’ve not seen a match. If no opponent is specified then the game was against my lot, Brighton & Hove Albion:

Accrington Stanley, Crown Ground (versus Morecambe); Annan Athletic, Galabank (Ayr United); Bamber Bridge, Sir Tom Finney Stadium (Brighouse Town); Birmingham City, St. Andrew’s; Blackburn Rovers, Ewood Park (3 times); Blackpool, Bloomfield Road (twice); Bolton Wanderers, Reebok Stadium; Brighouse Town, Yorkshire Payments Stadium (Morpeth); Brighton and Hove Albion, American Express Stadium (6 times, Barnsley, Portsmouth, Birmingham City, Reading, West Bromwich Albion and Burnley); Brisbane Lions, the Gabba (twice: for Australian Rules football matches versus Adelaide and Melbourne); Burnley, Turf Moor (3 times); Burntisland Shipyard, Recreation Ground (Dunipace);   Carshalton Athletic, War Memorial Ground (for a Dulwich Hamlet game, v. Balham); Chadderton,  Andrew Street (Nelson); Clapton, Old Spotted Dog Stadium (Barking); Clitheroe, Shawbridge (Colne); Colne, Holt House (Hyde Utd); CSKA Moscow, Khimki Arena (Manchester City); Doncaster Rovers, Keepmoat Stadium (twice: one for a Doncaster Rovers Belles game v Aston Villa); Dukinfield Town, Woodhams Park (Chadderton); Emley, Welfare Ground (Winterton Rangers); FC United of Manchester, Broadhurst Park (Colne);  Flint Town United, Cae-Y-Castell (Newtown); Gretna, Raydale Park (Edinburgh University); Hamilton Academical, New Douglas Park (St Johnstone), Halifax Town, The Shay (7 times, Aldershot Town, Barnet, Alfreton Town, Darlington, Chorley, Salford City and Woking); Harrogate Town, CNG Stadium (York Football League v Kent County League); Haslingden St Mary’s, South Shore Road (Fulwood Amateurs) — pictured…

Half-time, Haslingden, 7/8/18

Hassocks, The Beacon (Eastbourne Utd); Huddersfield Amateur, Old Earth (Wyke Wanderers); Huddersfield Town, John Smith’s Stadium (twice); Huddersfield Town Ladies, Stafflex Arena (Leicester City); Hyde United, Ewen Park (Sheffield); Jarvis Brook, Limekiln (Roffey); Kendal Town. TDP Solicitors’ Stadium, (Westmorland Senior Cup final, Kendal County v Appleby); King’s Lynn Town, The Walks (Chesham United); Leeds United, Elland Road (twice, once against Bristol City); Liverpool, Anfield; Manchester City, Etihad Stadium (three times: Feyenoord, Brighton and Fulham), Middlesbrough, Riverside Stadium (twice); Morecambe, Globe Arena (twice, Bristol Rovers and Accrington Stanley); Mossley, Seel Park (Kendal Town), Nelson, Victoria Park (Tow Law Town); Newcastle United, St. James’s Park (twice); Nottingham Forest, City Ground; Pickering Town, Recreation Ground (Barton Town), Port Vale, Vale Park; Poulton, Cottam Hall (Stoneclough; pictured at the top of this list); Preston North End, Deepdale (twice); Queen’s Park, Hampden Park (Brechin City); Raith Rovers, Stark’s Park (Alloa Athletic); Rochdale, Spotland (Bury); Route One Rovers, Calderdale College (Salts); Salford City, Moor Lane (FC United of Manchester); Sheffield, Coach and Horses Ground [pictured below] (Leek Town);  Sheffield Wednesday, Hillsborough; Stalybridge Celtic, Bower Fold (Buxton); Stockton Town, Bishopton Road West (Newton Aycliffe); Slyne with Hest, Bottomdale Road (Fulwood Amateurs); Todmorden Borough, Bellholme (Old Mancunians); Wellingborough Whitworth, Victoria Mills Ground (Desborough Town), Whitehawk, Enclosed Ground (Wealdstone); Whitworth Valley, Rawstron Street (Bury GSOB); Wigan Athletic, DW Stadium, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Molineux.

Sheffield FC, 7/4/18

In several cases these grounds account for their town’s only appearances on the blog. In Middlesbrough’s case this has happened twice.

Five stadia have otherwise appeared on the blog but I did not attend a match there (and in all cases have never done so): the Bryant-Denny stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (home of the University of Alabama football team); the Bislett Stadium in Oslo (not a football stadium); Celtic Park, Glasgow (Celtic FC); London Stadium, London (West Ham United); and the Millerntor stadium, Hamburg (St. Pauli).

Some superlatives

Some of these are hard facts — others, blatant matters of opinion…

Tour de France, 6/7/14

Preikestolen, 19/6/14


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