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Turn right

Monday 18th July 2016, 6.00pm (day 1,789)

Turn right, 18/7/16

No political message intended. Anyway it isn’t about ‘left’ versus ‘right’ any more, it’s progress v regress, peace v hate, war and death. Which side are you on, really?

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A sign?

Thursday 3rd March 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,652)

No Exit, 3/3/16

Perhaps it’s a political statement. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for someone’s life: perhaps my own. Perhaps it’s just a picture of a car park barrier. Your call.

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Pub doorstep

Friday 18th December 2015, 5.20pm (day 1,576)

Doorstep, 18/12/15

Friday night in the pub – the world outside passes by, but the working week (a 6-day one for me) is over.

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Burst water main, Market Street, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 26th November 2011, 10.05am (day 93)

Burst water main, 26/11/11_low-res

So we move into the second trimester of this blog. End of November, December, January and most of February – the winter months. Expect lots of pictures of the cold and wet. I get several trips abroad in this period but they’re all to Norway (to where I head once more, tomorrow), Russia, the Netherlands – you won’t be seeing any winter warmth.

This picture was the only really interesting thing to happen today but is deceiving. The flood has been caused not by rain but by water flooding out (literally) from a burst mains pipe and drowning the road.

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Oxford Road, Manchester

Monday 21st November 2011, 9.50am (day 88)

Oxford Road, 21/11/11

Although my work location varies, as you can tell from this blog, Monday is most commonly a Manchester day, spent among the dreaming spires…

Dreaming spires? Well, not really. The University of Manchester campus is split in half by one of the country’s principal A roads (this is the A34 which starts here and ends in Southampton, having passed through the centre of England on the way – including Oxford, hence the name Oxford Road). It makes it the noisiest and most crowded campus I have ever visited, and believe me I’ve been to a few. My bosses are spending millions on new buildings but if you ask me a better investment would be simply to pay for a ‘university bypass’ and then grass this over to create a long garden. Who knows, one day we might realise that cars subtract from life more than they add to it and it might even happen.

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