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The goose has a stretch

Monday 11th March 2019, 2.35pm (day 2,755)

Goose wings, 11/3/19

If I had things as fine as that sprouting from my back, I’d want to show them off now and again, wouldn’t you?

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Lost goose

Thursday 30th March 2017, 8.00am (day 2,044)

Lost goose, 30/3/17

I would like to say this is a shot that highlights the biodiversity and ecological health of Manchester city centre. But actually I think this goose was rather lost and confused. Not that I was going to be the one to help it find its way back to the canal (or wherever); Canada geese are vicious buggers.

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Out for a walk, Central London

Saturday 30th April 2016, 12.15pm (day 1,710)

Goose in London, 30/4/16

This was an urban animal if ever I’ve seen one, striding out wholly purposefully this lunchtime along a busy street. I know the composition of this shot could be better — getting rid of the post behind the goose would have improved it for a start — but some shots you only really get one chance to capture.

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Rochdale Canal, near the Stubbing Wharf pub

Friday 3rd October 2014, 5.05pm (day 1,135)

Near Stubbing Wharf, 3/10/14

The weather was forecast to deteriorate today but it seemed alright to me. A very busy week comes to a close with a very pleasant evening.

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Wildfowl wanderings

Thursday 1st May 2014, 10.45pm (day 980)

Wildfowl wandering, 1/5/14

Why did the ducks and Canada goose cross the road? To get to the other side, of course.

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