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The interior

Saturday 20th November 2021, 12.25pm (day 3,740)

Time to do some exploring. It’d be nice if the weather improved — even the locals are complaining that it should be sunnier and warmer by this time in the year — but at least the drizzle gives this shot a nicely melancholy atmosphere. This is taken almost in the very centre of the island, very close to where Edmond Halley, the famous astronomer, set up an observatory in 1677.

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Boatman Pete, and cooling cows

Sunday 18th July 2021, 10.30am (day 3,615)

Barge and cows, 18/7/21

A day out on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, which takes a roundabout route between those two cities so is here pictured near Skipton — place #350 to be depicted over the lifetime of the blog. Old Master Pete, the boatman, waves as he takes the family past a herd of cows who seem to have the right idea about how to deal with the day’s heat.

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The white and the black

Tuesday 25th May 2021, 11.05am (day 3,561)

White and black calves, 25/5/21

Went out on a walk, not that the weather is getting any better — atypically, May 2021 has been a cold and grey month in the UK. These calves, particularly the black one, look as grumpy about this as I feel.

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Saturday 20th June 2020, 1.30pm (day 3,222)

Cragg Vale cows, 20/6/20

One of those days where I pointed my camera a lot at nice things, but didn’t manage to come up with many photos that I liked. But these cows will do — they look suitably ruminative and peaceful, a state of mind I am trying to occupy at the moment, even if mostly, I am failing.

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The cows know

Wednesday 15th October 2014, 12.05pm (day 1,147)

The cows know, 15/10/14

I think number 5 did it. She’s trying to look inconspicuous, but I’m telling you, she’s the one.

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