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Before the match

Tuesday 15th August 2017, 7.20pm (day 2,182)

At the Three Pigeons, 15/8/17

“Come to the football, son,” he said. “All the glamour and excitement of FC Halifax Town v Dover Athletic, playing out before your eyes. That’ll be better than a night on those silly video games, won’t it?”

I hope they both stayed until the end, anyway. 0-0 after 86 minutes: final score 2-1 to Dover. Enjoyable in the end but perhaps not for Halifax Town fans.

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New Market, 2017

Monday 14th August 2017, 9.00am (day 2,181)

New Market, 2017, 14/8/17

Finally, a street in Manchester which seems to have rid itself of its building works. New Market has had its transformation sporadically documented on here: this was it before the building, this one during, and now above. Was it worth all the bother? The premises on the right have become a hotel in the mean time: but I wouldn’t say much else has happened.


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On Market Street

Sunday 13th August 2017, 2.10pm (day 2,180)

Shift happens, 13/8/17It certainly does. This shop has been empty for some time, doubtless at some point it will turn into a) a boutique cafe and/or micropub b) an art/jewellry/trinket emporium. These are, by law, now the only kinds of premises permitted to open in Hebden Bridge.

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Pride Police

Saturday 12th August 2017, 4.20pm (day 2,179)

Pride police, 12/8/17

Street party in Hebden Bridge this afternoon to celebrate LGBT and possibly Q life (new initials seem to be added annually to this acronym). The police were keen to participate and bring out the rainbow flags to decorate vehicles and headgear.

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The new carpet goes down!

Friday 11th August 2017, 3.00pm (day 2,178)

New carpet, 11/8/17

Not an accomplished photo — but I don’t care…. Finally, we have a new carpet in our living room. Is it consumerist to welcome this arrival? No — you wouldn’t think so if you’d lived for months after the Great Halloween Plaster Disaster by crunching bits of old gypsum underfoot every day.

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….as usual

Thursday 10th August 2017, 9.20am (day 2,177)

As usual, 10/8/17

The Arndale Centre, like most of the rest of Manchester city centre, is in a state of renovation; but Next is Open As Usual, so those of us passing can be reassured that living that lifestyle is still possible.

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Joe and the Old Man

Wednesday 9th August 2017, 3.10pm (day 2,176)

Joe and the Old Man, 9/8/17

I might be ‘back at work’ but it’s still the summer break for Joe and he needs encouragement to do a little more than just sit at home when there’s so much pleasant countryside out there. He was moved to say that the Lake District ‘is quite a nice looking place isn’t it’, today. Well, yes it is. And to have some father-son time: hence one reason for the title of this shot. That’s also Coniston Old Man ahead: what it should look like, out of the mist (cf. the picture taken two weeks ago today).

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Estates and facilities

Tuesday 8th August 2017, 9.55am (day 2,175)

Workmen at University, 8/8/17

Definitely the most important Directorate of the University at this point in time. It is almost impossible to take a photograph anywhere in Manchester city centre without hitting some kind of building site at the moment (as I have observed numerous times recently); the University is certainly doing its bit for this architectural movement of 2017.

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Out for a drink

Monday 7th August 2017, 3.30pm (day 2,174)

Mother and baby, 7/8/17

Returned to work today — albeit at home. Too long a day to spend entirely in the house sorting out a pile of email and draft student work however, so popped out for a drink in the afternoon, which is when I saw these two, doing the same thing and seemingly happy about it. (Was tough to get the camera focused on her face as opposed to the drinking straw, mind you.)

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Sunday 6th August 2017, 11.50am (day 2,173)

Cat encounter, 6/8/17

The cat looks slightly worried, as if the guy is a devious catnapper that has been terrorising Hebden Bridge’s felines for the last few years. Perhaps he’s trying to sneak him in the bag: or the green waste bins are calling ‘feed me a cat…’ (like in American Psycho).

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