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Bloke on roof

Friday 2nd December 2016, 1.30pm (day 1,926)

Bloke on roof, 2/12/16

Number n+1 in this series, ‘Blokes on Rooves’, and indeed, n+1 in the series ‘Blokes on this particular roof’, only for once I can’t find the older picture to put in a link to it, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. I like the lines on this picture, the general pattern.

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Contact Theatre, exterior

Thursday 1st December 2016, 4.55pm (day 1,925)

Contact Theatre lights, 1/12/16

The Contact Theatre was built in 1999 and adjoins the Ellen Wilkinson Building where I work, helping close off my courtyard (you’ve seen that often enough), but it is a separate entity from the university. It focuses on youth theatre and involves young people in programming and hiring decisions, apparently. The picture also demonstrates that we have reached that time of year where I get to leave the office and it’s already dark. So be it… December it is.

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Police line (do not cross)

Wednesday 30th November 2016, 2.25pm (day 1,924)

Police line, 30/11/16

I don’t know what had been going on around Manchester’s Chinese Arch but the whole area was cordoned off all day today with lines of blue-and-white police tape. But the managers of the establishment referenced here will clearly be damned before they lose any business as a result.

POSTSCRIPT: Apparently this is the result of a fire in a building, on Monday, in which two people were killed.

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Frosty morning, Cambridgeshire (or possibly Hertfordshire)

Tuesday 29th November 2016, 7.55am (day 1,923)

Frosty morning, 29/11/16

Another beautiful day — as have been many over the last four months, it cannot be denied. A very sharp frost, which lasted all day, across the entire country (I saw enough of it today — I know this); but once more, cloudless blue skies. I spent it entirely either on a train or working at home, so did not manage to capture it that adequately, but here’s my best effort from early this morning, as the train out of Cambridge whisked me through some rural county or other.

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Monday 28th November 2016, 12.15pm (day 1,922)

Punting, 28/11/16

Did I do punting on the Cam back in January, when I first came to Cambridge? Well, bugger it. I’m depicting it again. There are reasons.

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Peterborough station

Sunday 27th November 2016, 6.15pm (day 1,921)

Peterborough station, 27/11/16

Peterborough becomes the latest station to feature, I don’t know how many different railway stations there have been on here by now but 20 or more seems a reasonable estimate. I spend enough time on trains for this to be an inevitability, but that’s OK, the mixture of people passing through and the general sense of waiting (here for the 18:18 service to Cambridge) makes them interesting to me.

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Sunset mist

Saturday 26th November 2016, 3.10pm (day 1,920)

Sunset mist, 26/11/16

Another very beautiful day, ending beautifully. The ‘sun’ poking through the hillside is in fact a reflection off one of the houses on Heptonstall Road. Mist filled the air this morning and by the looks of things, so it will tomorrow morning too.

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Friday 25th November 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,919)

Bowfell, 25/11/16

Having worked five of the last six Sundays, and as I’m going to be working this Sunday too, and with it being the only Friday morning all semester when I wasn’t teaching — I arranged weeks ago to make thisĀ  a completely guilt-free day off. It could have been raining, misty, foul, all the things it usually is in late November….

…. but it wasn’t. Thank you world.

Back on 7th October 2011 this summit, Bowfell, was pictured from a greater distance on an earlier Lake District walk, and it also popped up on 22nd June this year, which makes it the first mountain to get on the blog three times (excepting the obvious case of Kilimanjaro).

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Canal Street decorations

Thursday 24th November 2016, 1.55pm (day 1,918)

Canal St. decoration, 24/11/16

I assume Christmas decorations, but on this street who knows for sure.

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Victoria station

Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 9.45am (day 1,917)

Victoria, 23/11/16

After three days at home, working, made it back into the big city, to do some more work. So be it. I like this shot because while I’d normally feel that the newspaper stands were clutter, here I like how they feel akin to the people, randomly distributed across the field of view. And the patches of green colour to the right.

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