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Vantage point, Charlotte Street

Friday 2nd February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,353)

Manchester pigeon, 2/2/18

One of those pictures where I didn’t really notice the details until it was ‘developed’ (that is, uploaded to the laptop). I thought the pigeon was actually a traffic camera until I looked more closely.

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Selfie, morning train

Wednesday 11th October 2017, 8.15am (day 2,239)

Selfie on train, 11/10/17

Not the greatest morning. It’s dark at 7am now when we wake up — when did that happen?! Profound demotivation on the journey in, though it did improve. My first proper selfie on the blog since 11th June 2016. There may be reasons for this.

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Exchange Square

Thursday 18th May 2017, 7.40am (day 2,093)

Next, as usual, 18/5/17

Now that Manchester’s new Exchange Square tram stop is finished it gives you a whole new place to sit and feel depressed about the day to come. I am sure we have all felt like this on occasion at 7.40am on a Thursday.

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On the road from Dar

Sunday 26th July 2015, 7.05am (day 1,431)

Road from Dar, 26/7/15

From sunset in Turkey to sunrise the following morning in Tanzania. Taken from the back of the minibus into which I and seventeen of my fellow walkers were packed, on our ten-hour journey north to the Kilimanjaro region. No idea where we are at this point, so the records will have to show the location as “unspecified”, but the beautiful landscapes we passed through boded well for the walk to come.

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The old bridge, winter morning

Thursday 6th February 2014, 8.45am (day 896)

Old bridge, 6/2/14

Of the near-900 days I’ve been doing this blog these last two weeks have been among the least diverse, in terms of source material. Apart from two days in that time I have had nothing but fully familiar scenes, things I have seen constantly over the last 13 years. This sight, this bridge, has been one constant in my home town for the last 500 years, in fact.

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Waiting for the 7:56

Friday 27th September 2013, 7.55am (day 764)

Platform 1, HB, 27/9/13

And there it is coming in, right on time — behind the head of the woman stood second left. A glorious day today, a perfect late summer’s day, I nearly posted something about this year’s Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, but I decided I wasn’t that angry.

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Post box vigil

Friday 23rd August 2013, 8.30am (day 729)

Post box vigil, 23/8/13

I dunno, you note a few weeks back that you’ve never depicted a post box on the blog before and then another one turns up. This lady seemed pretty keen this morning to not leave the vicinity of this post box. As with the abandoned wheelchair yesterday… what little stories do we potentially miss, in everyday life, all around us.

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Sunny summer morning, Nutclough woods

Friday 19th July 2013, 8.55am (day 694)

Nutclough woods, 19/7/13

9th of the last 10 days spent in Hebden Bridge. When the weather is as beautiful as this however, it doesn’t matter. This is one of my neighbours: spiritualists may read in what they will to the captured aura here, but I do note the picture was taken right into the sun.

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Mist on the hill

Sunday 14th October 2012, 8.30am (day 416)

Mist on the hill, 14/10/12

A somewhat boring day – had to work, for the third Sunday in a row – but a beautiful one, particularly in the morning. Hard to capture the combination of blue skies, a sharp chill in the air and mist clinging to the sides of the valley first thing, but this is my best shot.

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The morning train arrives

Thursday 27th September 2012, 8.55am (day 399)

Train arrives, 27/9/12

Lovely morning today, which at least means the three-day storm has passed over without flooding us again (though towns to the east were definitely not so lucky). Beautiful light at the station as I waited for the 0856 train in. And here it is, right on time.

Tomorrow is day 400 of this blog, so as I do with these milestones, I have updated the ‘best of the rest’ page with some more recent pictures that didn’t quite make the one-a-day cut.

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