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Everyone loves mornings?

Friday 13th May 2022, 7.35am (day 3,914)

Coffee shop, 13/5/22

A contentious statement… Although if given the choice, I would much rather work early in the morning than late in the evening. Come to think of it there’s many things I’d much rather do in the morning. So OK, I’ll concur. Being on Cross Street, Manchester at 7.35am shows that I had plenty to do this particular morning.

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De Rokerij, Amstel

Wednesday 25th January 2012, 3.55pm (day 153)

de Rokerij, 25/1/12

In my life I have been to the Netherlands about 12 times: mostly in Amsterdam but I have also visited some provincial towns. And even though there will be many people who will look at certain surface features, particularly in Amsterdam, and think that this is sometimes a sleazy place, they have got it all wrong. In all those times I have been here, regardless of what state I have been in, I have never once felt threatened, and no one has ripped me off for even the slightest Euro. This is, in fact, the most civilised country in the whole world.

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