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Sun over the hillside

Tuesday 19th February 2019, 11.30am (day 2,735)

Sun over Eiffel Street, 19/2/19

The world moves round in its orbit, the North Pole points more and more towards the sun, and we see light in bits of Hebden Bridge that have not seen light since November. It’s always a positive step when the sun comes back to the front of the house in the mornings, which should happen this week.

Today was such an uneventful day that this is a rare photowhack — the one and only photo taken on a given day. There have been about 15 of these days over the lifespan of the blog.

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Kilburn Building in the sun

Wednesday 16th January 2019, 3.10pm (day 2,701)

Kilburn building, 16/1/19
One of those days on which I got soaked in foul winter rain on the walk to campus from the station, and dreaded doing it again on the way back — but fortunately, the sun came out. Here, for once I don’t mind the lamppost in the shot.

I really hope there won’t be too many Manchester pictures over the next few months — at least that will be an indication that my sabbatical will be something meaningful. But it doesn’t start yet: I will be there most of next week before I can escape for a while.

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Nutclough Mill, Sunday morning

Sunday 9th December 2018, 11.35am (day 2,663)

Nutclough morning, 9/12/18

This is first light for my locality on a December morning. I showed this pic to Clare today and asked her, without knowing anything about when I had taken it, she could nevertheless estimate when it was taken, based on her knowledge of the local geography. She got it right to within five minutes, which says something about how we get used to places.

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Transition (grey to blue)

Wednesday 18th April 2018, 4.35pm (day 2,428)

Grey into blue, 18/4/18

Sledgehammer symbolism it may be but anyone living in most of the UK today observed that we transitioned rather suddenly from winter into full-on spring. And it’s forecast to stay. On such a day, let us use the Railway as a bridge.

A nice day also to mark the 2,000th picture on this blog taken in the UK. If Cambridge Analytica find it significant that I have spent 82.37% of my time over that period in my home country — there you go, I’ve saved them the bother of doing the maths.

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Journey’s end

Monday 21st August 2017, 1.25pm (day 2,188)

Eclipse, 21/8/17

It’s not quite 3pm here but considering this is what I came several thousand miles to see: I think we’re done with photography for the day, don’t you?

It was back in May 2013 that I saw the annular eclipse in north Queensland, and interesting as that was, it does not really approach the awesome nature of totality; the beauty of the corona and the ‘Baily’s beads’, light shining through valleys on the Moon’s edge, which I just about manage to capture here. And as I said about the Australian one — do you realise we might be one of the few planets in the whole universe to be able to see something like this, thanks to the coincidence that the Moon and Sun are the same apparent size in the sky? Lucky us. If you ever get the chance to see one — my advice is, take it.

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Sunny afternoon, Victoria station

Wednesday 31st May 2017, 3.40pm (day 2,106)

Sunny Victoria, 31/5/17

First trip into Manchester for nearly two weeks. Last week I stayed at home and worked, which was the easier option due to the closure of Victoria station. Half-above the station stands Manchester Arena, scene of what we could refer to as ‘The Events’ of Monday 22nd May but which one might also reasonably call ‘the slaughter of 22 people by a psychopath’.  *Sigh*. And I had decided to try not to mention it.

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Thursday 25th February 2016, 9.30am (day 1,645)

Sunreturn , 25/2/16

Yesterday, did I mention signs of spring? Here’s another one. The sun officially clocked returning to the front of the house, after four months of being hidden behind the hill every morning. I depicted this, with a different shot, back in February 2014, (Feb 21st in that case), but it’s a notable day every year.

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Wednesday 20th January 2016, 3.35pm (day 1,609)

Sundown, 20/1/16

I feel I’ve recently been in a bit of a low point on this blog, creativity-wise. And I’m also spending most of the time at the moment sat at home. Tried to make an effort with this one, and bearing in mind that all this is being done on cheap and standard gear, this is probably as good an effort at this shot as I could manage. Let’s see the flare as a deliberate creative shot, but it’s a shame the sun ends up blurred. The high valley walls mean it disappears at least an hour before the scheduled sunset time; waiting for the moment of its transition gave me something to do this afternoon that wasn’t work, at least. The contrail and birds were freebies.

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Sometimes I just walk out and gaze at the sun

Monday 15th September 2014, 9.35am (day 1,117)

Sungazing, 15/9/14

Sometimes you just see a shot, and have about five seconds and one chance to capture it before it goes away (in this case because the guy simply stepped back inside through the window to his left). They don’t always come out as hoped, but this one did. Played for and got.

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Fosswinckels gate, Bergen

Monday 16th June 2014, 9.40pm (day 1,026)

Fosswinckels gate, 16/6/14

This street runs through the lower end of the University of Bergen campus, and leads from the hotel I always stay in here to the pub I usually drink in — so I walk along it a lot. I pick it as today’s shot not because of its scenic qualities as such, but merely for the demonstration of how high the sun remains in the sky at this time of night. At over 60ºN and in the week leading up to the summer solstice, it just doesn’t get very dark here right now. Which is nice, but I need some sleep, so I’m hoping I have good blinds on the window.

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