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Lunch in Café Muse

Monday 11th June 2018, 1.10pm (day 2,482)

Cafe Muse, 11/6/18

With the closure of the Contact Theatre cafe, adjacent to my office, for all of 2018, Café Muse (at the Manchester Museum) has become the nicest place nearby to buy a lunch. I like this back room, with its tiles and incongruous porthole-style windows. A cool spot to hang out as the tropical weather continues.

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Taken out for lunch

Wednesday 10th January 2018, 1.30pm (day 2,330)

Lunch in Squeeze, 10/1/18

I confidently predict January 2018 will play itself out without a great deal happening in any way. Being taken out for lunch (by the wife) was the main event of the day…

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The former café

Wednesday 6th December 2017, 10.05am (day 2,295)

Ex-cafe, 6/12/17In the summer the university catering service decided they could no longer be troubled to run a café in my building at work — the seats still get used, but there’s no warmth to the place any more. Another shot with emptiness as its theme, like yesterday’s…. maybe this is some big existential crisis brewing.

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Proteins priced individually

Wednesday 18th October 2017, 10.20am (day 2,246)

Café Muse, 18/10/17

“Hi. I’d like the chicken caesar salad, a potato salad, and a plate of glutamine synthetase, please.”

“Certainly madam. That’ll be £3.50 for the two salads, and we have a special on glutamine synthetase today at just £2.50 for a plate. Unless you’d prefer an orotidylate decarboxylase wrap, at just £1.95?”

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In the café

Wednesday 31st August 2016, 2.05pm (day 1,833)

Caffe Nero, 31/8/16

Oxford Road again, but further up toward the city centre this time, and inside the café instead of outside. So ends August, a moment in time that feels like one candidate for ‘end of summer’ but I’m not declaring it over yet.

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Tea break

Tuesday 16th February 2016, 9.40am (day 1,636)

Llangollen cafe, 16/2/16

Broke the drive back from Aberystwyth at this cafe in Llangollen, north-east Wales. Clare and Joe ponder the meaning of the universe or possibly just a very good few days.

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Saturday 7th November 2015, 11.30am (day 1,535)

Marco's, 7/11/15

One of Hebden Bridge’s better cafés. I like this shot for the colours and how it encapsulates a much-needed day of relaxation for me.

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Cafe, Julius Nyerere Airport

Thursday 6th August 2015, 2.00am (day 1,442)

Cafe at airport, 6/8/15

And so it ends. The last night in Tanzania was spent waiting out a 90-minute flight delay before heading home. I chose this as today’s pic, at least in part, to fill in one of the last two remaining time gaps — this is the first picture to be taken within the hour of 2:00 – 2:59am, now only 5:00 – 5:59 remains undepicted in the near four years of this blog.

So I’ve caught up. Time to go and unpack. I had my priorities right this morning…

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Browns Café, Leeds

Thursday 11th June 2015, 1.50pm (day 1,386)

Browns, 11/6/15

OK, I know it’s technically a pub, but hey, you’ve gotta have lunch somewhere. Photo arrangement courtesy of a particularly shiny table.

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Bistro ‘Aux Marches du Palais’, lunchtime

Thursday 28th May 2015, 1.40pm (day 1,372)

Parisian bistro, 28/5/15

Going a bit out on a limb with this shot because it’s out of focus, but I think it captures quite well the atmosphere of this totally unreconstructed bistro which we stumbled across at lunchtime. Food, wine, this is why I came to Paris… (well, OK, I came for a conference, but y’know).

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