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The Nutclough cliff

Sunday 5th December 2021, 11.30am (day 3,755)

I haven’t done one of the Hebden housing for a while but it’s always there to catch the eye. So steeply do these dwellings rise from the valley bottom below that I am sure they affect the microclimate. I swear that at times I have seen rain falling on one side of our house — precipatated out by the enforced rise up the walls — but not on the other.

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The roofers

Tuesday 20th April 2021, 1.55pm (day 3,526)

Nutclough roofers, 20/4/21

A day working at home gained interest through getting a masterclass in roofing from these guys working on the house over the road. At the beginning of the day that roof looked like the one of no. 31 next door. Roofing’s one of those specialist talents that very few people have, but which we all need, isn’t it? And I’d take some persuading to spend a whole day on that scaffold (constructed by another professional group that we need to just trust).

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Tough assignment

Tuesday 26th January 2021, 5.00pm (day 3,442)

Green Nutclough, 26/1/21

Today was tough to get through whether photographically or otherwise. This shot means nothing, except maybe to show that it’s getting lighter in the evenings. But only astronomically.

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Outside, where I was not

Monday 14th December 2020, 4.35pm (day 3,399)

Nutclough evening, 14/12/20

A blurred, inadequate shot. But one day will come the day when there is nothing to photograph, and lately I feel I’ve been getting close to that. December gloom, a day spent marking. Out there are people in their little bubbles, and sometimes, a car drives by. Welcome to party season.

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Rooves of home

Sunday 15th December 2019, 1.40pm (day 3,034)

Birchcliffe rooves, 15/12/19

Less of a bleak theme today, and look, is that even sunshine making an appearance to top right? Time to spend some time at home, refamiliarise myself with its facilities and appeal.

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Stuck at home (with this view)

Monday 1st October 2018, 8.55am (day 2,594)

Nutclough, 1/10/18

The second monochrome shot in a row but it was a way of bringing some added interest to this view. I worked at home all day and did not leave the house. I know it’s a pretty distinctive view, in relative terms. But it is also everyday, for us at least.

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By the water race

Sunday 17th January 2016, 9.30am (day 1,606)

Water race, 17/1/16

After the weather conditions depicted on the last couple of days, getting gradually closer to home, I guess it’s no real surprise that today saw snow on the ground in Hebden Bridge. I like this shot because it’s essentially monochrome, except for that stripe of red in the corner — a plastic barrier put up to stop people falling off the upper path and down into the water race here. Not far off this picture here, but not the same, which is why sometimes you can get away with doing multiple shots of the same place.

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Nutclough, Bonfire Night

Thursday 5th November 2015, 7.05pm (day 1,533)

Nutclough, Bonfire Night, 5/11/15

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. The gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. (Said V.)

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Nutclough Woods, Boxing Day

Friday 26th December 2014, 12.50pm (day 1,219)

Nutclough Woods, 26/12/14

Not an exciting shot. Or a particularly technically adept one. In fact, I can’t claim anything much for this one other than that it was the best I managed on the day. It’s picturesque enough I suppose. Boxing Day, nothing much happened… We got a walk in the woods and some family time.

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The rooves of Nutclough

Thursday 18th September 2014, 4.20pm (day 1,120)

Nutclough rooves, 18/9/14

Today was not a great deal more active, or well-lit, than yesterday, but now and again there are still new things to be found in the immediate vicinity of the house. These are the rooves of our neighbours, the road curving down the hill towards the town, viewed from our attic room.

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