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Everyone loves mornings?

Friday 13th May 2022, 7.35am (day 3,914)

Coffee shop, 13/5/22

A contentious statement… Although if given the choice, I would much rather work early in the morning than late in the evening. Come to think of it there’s many things I’d much rather do in the morning. So OK, I’ll concur. Being on Cross Street, Manchester at 7.35am shows that I had plenty to do this particular morning.

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Cinema queue, wet

Thursday 28th October 2021, 7.20pm (day 3,717)

Wet cinema queue, 29/10/21

It is wet and cold outside — but warm and more welcoming within the Picture House. The movie? No Time To Die…. alright as these things go, I guess. No spoilers, but surely it’s time to bring this franchise to an end now…. but of course there will always be the next reboot, ‘Young Bond’, ‘Daughter of Bond’, the ‘New 007’.

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We queue for salvation

Thursday 18th March 2021, 3.40pm (day 3,493)

Vaccination centre, 18/3/21

We turned up at our appointed time. We stood at the ends of our appointed lines, waiting to get the call. Some of us read the information sheets we were given, which seemed (to me) to say little more than ‘in the end, we don’t really know what this might do’. Some of us did not. Yes folks, I’ve been vaccinated.

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Cinema queue

Tuesday 17th February 2015, 8.00pm (day 1,272)

Cinema queue, 17/2/15

One of these days I will have a day when there is just nothing to photograph. Today came close, I have to say. But I suppose this one is OK. (We were going to see The Imitation Game by the way.)

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The queue for ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

Wednesday 24th December 2014, 3.10pm (day 1,217)

Cinema queue, 24/12/14

The annual showing of It’s a Wonderful Life at the Hebden Bridge Picture House, and while it continues to attract such a crowd, I guess they’ll be showing it on 24th December for the indefinite future. Remember, ‘no man is a failure who has followers’. Sorry, I meant friends. Friends. Have a good day tomorrow, y’all.

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