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Off we troop

Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 7.40am (day 2,827)

Wakefield Kirkgate, 22/5/19

Off we all go to our various duties and assignations, early on a Wednesday morning. And what was I doing in Wakefield Kirkgate station — a town that has never before featured on the blog (thus becoming named location #270) — at 7.40am? Well, you don’t get to see every aspect of my life on here.

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Early arrival in Manchester

Wednesday 24th April 2019, 7.10am (day 2,799)

Early train, 24/4/19

Blog-wise, it’s two months since I pulled duty on a 6.32 train out of Hebden Bridge — arrives Manchester about 7.10, like this morning, if it’s feeling energetic. The bloke in yellow is the owner of the fold-up bike on the other side of the shot: he looks the least keen of all of them, but then again he has his onward transport sorted.

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Monday 17th July 2017, 3.35pm (day 2,153)

Tired, 17/7/17

It’s actually not a bad place to catch forty winks, the train home — I manage it frequently. Like these two gentlemen, I am tired…. but have now just three days left before my summer break.

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Heading home

Thursday 16th March 2017, 5.55pm (day 2,030)

Going home, 16/3/17

Long day for me today. In on the 7am train out of HB and back on the 17.45 from Manchester, on which this shot was taken. I felt like the woman in the middle.

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Waiting room, early train

Monday 27th February 2017, 6.55am (day 2,013)

Monday waiting room, 27/2/17

I don’t make a habit of getting the 06:59 service from Hebden Bridge to Manchester — a two-carriage cattle truck most days. But when I’ve a 9am meeting that can’t be missed, it’s the safest choice. At least it is getting light at that time now. Don’t normally frequent the waiting room either, but it was raining outside today. Welcome to Monday.

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Cattle truck

Tuesday 4th October 2016, 8.20am (day 1,867)

Cattle truck, 4/10/16

11 years of using the Calderdale line, and one learns which services have CTS (Cattle Truck Status) and which are safer. I will never aim to catch the 1726 from Manchester, for example. It just ain’t worth it. The 0742 from Hebden (depicted here just about on its arrival to Manchester) is usually not so bad but today, for some reason, it suffered from a massive case of CTS.

Why monochrome again? Because it hides a multitude of white balance sins.

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This is how it feels to use Northern Rail

Wednesday 25th November 2015, 4.55pm (day 1,553)

Grumpy Drew, 25/11/15

After two blissful days working at home, welcome back to sodding Northern Rail’s dreadful recent performance on the Calderdale line. Just to put this in perspective, over the last two weeks I have lost a total of 7 hours of my life to delays — that’s a whole working day. This is how it feels.

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On the cattle truck

Monday 24th November 2014, 5.00pm (day 1,187)

Cattle truck, 24/11/14

The point of this blog is not just to find the day’s ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ side but also to try to epitomise my day. This shot sure does that. Sometimes I’m this close to sodding off back to Fiji.

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Waiting for the train to Manchester

Wednesday 20th June 2012, 8.55am (day 300)

Commuter, 20/6/12

Which, of course, is something I do frequently: though not as often as some. Either the 0652, if I don’t have to take Joe to school, or the 0856, if I do. Today I did. It was a nice sunny morning, and though I got a couple of other decent pictures throughout the day, I’ll stick with this one: it’s nice to be on the way to work and still feel quite mellow about the day, and the shot captures that I think.

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Arrival in Manchester Victoria

Thursday 9th February 2012, 7.35am (day 168)

Grumpy commuters, 9/2/12

Well, here we all are on the early morning cattle truck, pulling into a freezing cold, damp station (voted one of the 10 worst in the country a couple of years ago), and probably all off, like I was, to do something that our employer has decided is terribly important but almost certainly isn’t.

No wonder everyone’s face was like this. Damn sure mine was.

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