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Bungalow town, in winter

Sunday 10th December 2017, 12.30pm (day 2,299)

Strickland Drive, 10/12/17

Clare and Joe walking back from a visit to Clare’s gran — who certainly lives in the kind of place toward which grans seem to gravitate. This is the epitome of seaside suburbia in early December. Whatever you think of this photo, I like it because it’s just the pic I wanted to take when I pressed the shutter. We can ask for little more.

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Sam Alex Building at sunset

Friday 1st December 2017, 4.05pm (day 2,290)

Sam Alex, sunset, 1/12/17

The Sam(uel) Alex(ander) Building is the one next to mine at work. Sun setting when leaving work already — but there’s still three weeks for the nights to get longer yet.

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Boarding, Tromsø airport

Friday 10th March 2017, 8.00am (day 2,024)

Tromsø airport, 10/3/17

Last morning in Tromsø. It started snowing. I could say I took the good weather with me, but it was crappy at home too (although not below freezing). Great week though — many good things to enjoy.

It crossed my mind that with Tromsø being on a small island, I have not been on the mainland of Europe at all this week. Small islands (not, like, Great Britain or New Zealand) that have appeared on this blog: Tromsøya, Kvaløy (this week), Snilstveitøy (also Norway), Kangaroo Island, Stradbroke Island, Tasmania (Australia), Stewart Island (New Zealand), Wayasewa and Wayalailai (Fiji), Æbelø (Denmark). None in the UK… perhaps I should make an effort…

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Wednesday 8th March 2017, 2.25pm (day 2,022)

Skulsfjord, 8/3/17

I guess when I pre-imagined the Arctic, this is what I thought it would look like. Skulsfjord has a cool name and sits in the northern part of Kvaløy (Whale Island), to the northwest of Tromsø. There are worse places to visit on a Wednesday afternoon.

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Tromsø harbour

Tuesday 7th March 2017, 5.15pm (day 2,021)

Tromsø harbour, 7/3/17

Tromsø is the world’s northernmost city, with 75,000 inhabitants, give or take, and has many of the world’s northernmost something-or-others, such as its northernmost professional football team, cathedral, mosque, Burger King and (the reason why I am here) university. At around 69º 40′ N it is comfortably the northernmost place I have ever been (though as I’m going on a tour tomorrow that will probably be beaten). This view over the harbour takes in the Ishavskatedral — the pointy thing to the left, in the background — and the mountain of Tromsdalstind, lit by the setting sun. Nice place…. I saw the Northern Lights tonight as well but no chance of capturing a photo of it, maybe next time though.

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View from my room — last morning in Moscow

Friday 20th January 2017, 9.25am (day 1,975)

Moscow skyline, 20/1/17

Last morning in Moscow on this trip. Will there be another one? Perhaps… It is about time I got to see some more of this vast country in fact. It may happen, it may not. Anyway I imagine that this is many people’s stereotypical view of what Moscow looks like, and there is some truth to it, particularly outside the city centre (here we are about five miles from Red Square). Liked the way the brief burst of morning sun was spilling over from the right-hand side of the picture. Do svedanya, until next time.

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Fence at night, RANEPA

Thursday 19th January 2017, 6.55pm (day 1,974)

RANEPA fence, 19/1/17

I’m still here on the campus of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Political Administration (hence, RANEPA). It was much colder today — thanks to a biting wind; the last few days had been still and not unpleasant, but today was bitter.

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Winter rooves

Thursday 29th December 2016, 11.55am (day 1,953)

Frosty Nutclough, 29/12/16

The roof nearest the camera is that of my house. I suppose the architecture of my immediate locality is pretty offbeat, but after 15 years here I no longer really think about it. This is about as early in a day as we get sunshine during the winter, as when the sun is low, it does not get above the hillside to the east in the morning. From mid-November to mid-February each year we have to wait until the light gets round to this side of the building — then enjoy our nice, better-lit afternoons.

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Snow day (birthday)

Friday 4th March 2016, 12 noon (day 1,653)

Outside NFM, 4/3/16

Today was Joe’s bithrday. Amazingly, I seem to as of today be the parent of a teenager. Yet it was a win-win situation for him, because almost the first thing that happened today was that we got the phone call telling us it was a snow day, thus a day off school. But he didn’t lie around doing nothing — I took him into Manchester instead, where it was just as revoltingly snowy.

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Did I say something about spring….?

Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 9.20am (day 1,651)

Calder Holmes Park, 2/3/16

Well… there’s blossom. You can see it. But that’s the bloody British weather for you. The snow was all gone by lunchtime.

Still, I am not complaining about this photographically. This is the first picture I’ve taken in ages that I really like: one where I knew as soon as I pressed the shutter that it would be today’s pick.

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