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Chinese lanterns

Wednesday 6th February 2019, 9.15am (day 2,722)

Chinese lanterns, 6/2/19

Here’s this year’s Spring Festival (Lunar or ‘Chinese’ New Year) shot…. there are always opportunities for pictures like this in Manchester. These lanterns catch a little of the wan sunshine that illuminated the morning. And, it being Manchester, you get a crane photo-bombing, as well.

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Terracotta Army (illuminated)

Thursday 26th January 2017, 5.50pm (day 1,981)

Terracotta Army, 26/1/17

Whereas last Chinese New Year, Exchange Square in Manchester displayed an inflatable dragon, this year we are graced with this illuminated plastic ‘terracotta army’, which may or may not be the tackiest thing I have seen in a while. Still, if the purpose of the display was to get mentions on social media, it has succeeded, going on the number of people taking photos of it today. Including me of course. Or perhaps I was photographing the crowd. But it doesn’t matter does it? The end result is the same. It is what we do now.

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Dragon (presumably Chinese)

Thursday 4th February 2016, 3.05pm (day 1,624)

Dragon, 4/2/16

This creature suddenly appeared in Exchange Square today. But I think we’re safe — it appears to be tied down. The guy in front seems keener to take a picture of something else, anyway, suggesting he isn’t feeling threatened.

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Chinese lanterns, Albert Square

Monday 25th January 2016, 9.25am (day 1,614)

Chinese lanterns, Albert Square, 25/1/16

Manchester has a pretty big Chinatown (hence the Chinese Arch, which has made it onto the blog three times by now). The lanterns hung in Albert Square around this time of year (see also here) are also good for a shot each year.

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