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Tree roots

Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 8.35am (day 3,163)

Tree roots, 22/4/20

I may have already said this — like in Groundhog Day, there is a sense of repetition — but there are a couple of things whose value has been emphatically demonstrated during the last few weeks. Firstly that the topography of my life still provides legitimate reasons to leave the house on a regular basis. Second that there is attractive woodland just over the road that I can reasonably walk through in order to get from one part of this topography to others, which at least provides regular photo opportunities. These gnarly roots (brushed here and there by strands of gossamer) caught my eye this morning: this is the earliest shot on a day since February.

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British weather, late April

Tuesday 26th April 2016, 2.55pm (day 1,706)

April snow, 26/4/16

The solar panels over the road get a day off today, one of those days which proves that the British weather will do what the hell it wants, any time of year.

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