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Victoria, and still dark

Friday 25th October 2019, 7.15am (day 2,983)

Victoria, still dark, 25/10/19

Pulled duty on the 06:31 train out of Hebden Bridge and it was still dark by the time it finally ambled into Manchester. This looming darkness will briefly be relieved this weekend when the clocks go back, but all the same, winter draws inexorably nearer each day.

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Fire escape

Monday 19th March 2018, 9.25am (day 2,398)

Arena stairway, 19/3/18

No big message today, I just like the shape it makes. And the little bloke in his hi-vis jacket.

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Waiting it out on platform 5

Wednesday 14th March 2018, 10.50am (day 2,393)

Victoria, platform 5, 14/3/18

This blog isn’t intended to be political and it’s been a little while since I had cause to depict the lousy state of the local train service. I know this can be a default position for the commuter, that it’s always terrible, but really, Arriva Northern have surpassed themselves in recent months with overcrowding and cancellations. I am lucky – I can organise my day to avoid peak rush hours, on the whole, hence the timing of this shot. Many cannot and are forced to put up with the same crap every week day.

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Much-ignored signage

Thursday 15th February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,366)

No entry, 15/2/18

Hey, I’m not morally censuring. A few seconds after taking this shot (oh look…. sunshine!), I also ignored the signage. Everybody does. Come off the footbridge leading to platforms 4-6 on Victoria station and you can ignore it, too.

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Snow on the roof

Thursday 1st February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,352)

Victoria roof, 1/2/18

February dawns bright and clear, with snow on the ground on the Lancashire side of the Pennines, but not in Yorkshire — which is unusual. The light covering of white that was on Victoria station roof in the morning would not have taken long to melt off in the sunshine.

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Gone to Liverpool (maybe)

Monday 6th November 2017, 11.15am (day 2,265)

Victoria bike, 6/11/17

Or Southport, or Bury, which are other towns named on the facade of Victoria station in Manchester and to where one can still catch a train…. unlike Fleetwood, Goole and other places where trains haven’t gone from here in a long time. Hope he/she locked their bike securely, wherever it was.

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The forgotten footbridge, Manchester Victoria

Thursday 17th August 2017, 8.50am (day 2,184)

Unused footbridge, 17/8/17

Whatever has happened down the years to the configuration of Manchester Victoria station, this footbridge is definitely less used than it must once have been. The only time it’s really worth using it is if you’re sat at the back of the 8:05 from Hebden Bridge, which stops on platform 6 and the principal footbridge gets clogged up with the contents of the full train, this one is slightly nearer. But hey, it’s got an interesting view.

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Sunny afternoon, Victoria station

Wednesday 31st May 2017, 3.40pm (day 2,106)

Sunny Victoria, 31/5/17

First trip into Manchester for nearly two weeks. Last week I stayed at home and worked, which was the easier option due to the closure of Victoria station. Half-above the station stands Manchester Arena, scene of what we could refer to as ‘The Events’ of Monday 22nd May but which one might also reasonably call ‘the slaughter of 22 people by a psychopath’.  *Sigh*. And I had decided to try not to mention it.

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Victoria station canopy

Wednesday 25th January 2017, 2.00pm (day 1,980)

Canopy, Victoria, 25/1/17

Sunny but chilly day in Manchester, trains being obedient. Got out of the house at least, even if it wasn’t a very profound change of scene. However, some very good travel news received today — looks like in two months’ time I will be in Japan for the first time in my life, a long-cherished dream destination.

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Big scary door

Friday 12th August 2016, 1.25pm (day 1,814)

Big scary door, 12/8/16

Doubtless there is a parent just out of shot waiting to make the strategic grab if necessary, but at some point in the future these two will be going through their big scary doors all by themselves. Good luck to them. Pictured at Manchester Victoria station, as I ventured there purely for shopping purposes — the return to work can wait another 36 hours or so.

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