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The Duke’s permanent adornment

Monday 8th May 2023, 10.25am (day 4,274)

Duke of Wellington statue, 8/5/23

This statue of the Duke of Wellington stands in Glasgow, and since the 1980s has famously been adorned, a lot of the time anyway, by a traffic cone. Not specifically this cone, as until fairly recently the city council would dutifully remove each one as it appeared, but another would invariably return not long after. More recently everyone seems to have decided that this ‘tradition’ is not only harmless, but actually interesting and ‘ironic’ in a sort of postmodern way. Local Glaswegian sense of humour, ho ho, isn’t it quaint. I saw a guide going on about it to a group of tourists today, for heaven’s sake.

However, I think what it really is, and certainly what it started as, is pure mockery of the rich and powerful, and of Authority generally, and frankly I think we would benefit from a lot more of this kind of thing — particularly after the weekend just gone. The horse’s jauntier crown can be read a little differently, perhaps.

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The loneliness of the Sunday morning car park

Sunday 5th March 2023, 8.55am (day 4,210)

Sunday morning car park, 5/3/23

I have got it down to working about two Sundays a year, and today was one of them. Appearance on campus before 9am on the ‘day of rest’ allows the experience of the virtually empty car park, and its mysterious ‘T’. Maybe it was once an arrow, but not any more. A recent run of interiors continues.

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Monday 27th June 2022, 8.25am (day 3,959)

Discarded fruit machine, 27/6/22

Outside Club Bloom on Abingdon Street. Clearly they feel they don’t need a “Deal or No Deal” fruit machine any more, so if you want one — or a traffic cone — help yourself. What we throw away in the modern world, though. In a SF book I once read there was a company called “Dumpmines” who made lots of cash through mining 20th- and 21st-century landfills for their valuable materials. Seems quite sensible to me, I’d invest in it.

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Back to work

Tuesday 31st August 2021, 10.35am (day 3,659)

White Lion wall work, 31/8/21

This is a very boring photo. In that respect it epitomises my day perfectly. The title of the post says it all.

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Hearse parking

Friday 3rd January 2014, 11.10am (day 862)

hearse_parking_3-1-14Taken more because I think the black, cruciform traffic cones are kinda cool, also because I like the way Hebden Bridge’s funeral parlour is right next to the gymnasium. As far as I know there is no connecting door.

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