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Monday 27th June 2022, 8.25am (day 3,959)

Discarded fruit machine, 27/6/22

Outside Club Bloom on Abingdon Street. Clearly they feel they don’t need a “Deal or No Deal” fruit machine any more, so if you want one — or a traffic cone — help yourself. What we throw away in the modern world, though. In a SF book I once read there was a company called “Dumpmines” who made lots of cash through mining 20th- and 21st-century landfills for their valuable materials. Seems quite sensible to me, I’d invest in it.

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Back to work

Tuesday 31st August 2021, 10.35am (day 3,659)

White Lion wall work, 31/8/21

This is a very boring photo. In that respect it epitomises my day perfectly. The title of the post says it all.

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Hearse parking

Friday 3rd January 2014, 11.10am (day 862)

hearse_parking_3-1-14Taken more because I think the black, cruciform traffic cones are kinda cool, also because I like the way Hebden Bridge’s funeral parlour is right next to the gymnasium. As far as I know there is no connecting door.

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