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Sleeping outside M & S

Friday 4th October 2019, 9.05am (day 2,962)

Sleeping outside M&S, 4/10/19

I’m sure the guy in the sleeping bag looks forward with keen anticipation for M & S’s “lovely new Manchester store” as if it will be radically different from the present one. It’ll be unlikely to offer overnight accommodation, I assume.

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Shoe shop (self-portrait)

Sunday 9th June 2019, 12.05pm (day 2,845)

Shoe shop, 9/6/19

After two new countries (new to the blog, at least) and several new locations over the last week and a half, the pendulum swings, and the next three weeks see me mainly at home. I can’t promise excitement but I will do my best, better than today I hope, anyway. As you can see I’m pondering a change of style. (Actually the shoes were being bought for Joe.) And more place-related trivia — the first ever weekend of the blog where both Saturday and Sunday shots were taken in Manchester.

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The Arndale Centre

Tuesday 21st May 2019, 9.00am (day 2,826)

Arndale centre, 21/5/19

The Arndale subsumes a huge chunk of Manchester under its architectural footprint. The third-biggest city centre shopping mall in Europe, or something like that. It’s safe to say that when it was built it wasn’t popular. My late Gran would not go in it; it was too large, too enclosed, too alien. These days it’s getting middle-aged, having been completed in 1979. But that still doesn’t make it as old as me.

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….as usual

Thursday 10th August 2017, 9.20am (day 2,177)

As usual, 10/8/17

The Arndale Centre, like most of the rest of Manchester city centre, is in a state of renovation; but Next is Open As Usual, so those of us passing can be reassured that living that lifestyle is still possible.

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Shelter from the storm

Thursday 16th June 2016, 9.20pm (day 1,757)

Shelter by Boots, 16/6/16

Manchester was hit by a thunderstorm this evening that dumped torrential rain on the city centre — quite exceptional (or are these events happening more and more?). Although it had mostly stopped by the time this photo was taken, I imagine these guys, like the rest of us, were just wanting to find somewhere to dry out.

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Under the Arndale Centre

Thursday 8th October 2015, 8.15am (day 1,505)

Arndale centre, 8/10/15

If this shot illustrates anything it at least proves that I do occasionally get my lazy butt into Manchester before 9am in the morning. And that at such times there, the light can be very good.

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Mac hospital

Monday 13th April 2015, 11.15am (day 1,327)

Apple store, 13/4/15

Rather dull and corporate I know, but it epitomised my day. Still, the Mac is fixed again after only a short time out, and for free, so thank you Apple.

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Arndale Centre, Manchester

Saturday 29th June 2013, 4.05pm (day 674)

Arndale Centre, 29/6/13

In the 12th century we built castles. In the 15th century we built cathedrals. In the 19th century we built factories. In the 20th century we built shopping malls. We might not like them but sometimes you just end up there.

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Urbis and the Arndale Centre, Manchester

Thursday 1st December 2011, 9.35am (day 98)

Urbis and Arndale, 1/12/11

December 2011 dawned pleasantly mild – rather different than the 1st December 2010, the defining characteristic of which will be clear from a quick look at this Facebook album. The light this morning was really good: a good sign of that is when you pass a scene you see two or three times a week, on average, and see it in…. well, see it in a new light. As here.

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Fancy dress store, Manchester

Tuesday 15th November 2011, 9.10am (day 82)

Masks, 15/11/11

For reasons I am not at liberty to explain, the wife needed a couple of masks, and this morning I was sent to get them. It’s amazing how many shops are completely full of total tat these days. But what the hell, I still bought two.

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