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Canal Street lock

Monday 9th May 2022, 8.55am (day 3,910)

Canal Street lock, 9/5/22

Hardly a great photo technically, and converted to black and white as much to conceal deficiencies as any other reason. But it does suggest that when there is a boat in the Canal Street lock in Manchester city centre, this is often the most interesting thing to see on the walk into work. It’s nice that this old transport system is still used: not everything useful has to be hyper-efficient.

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The Canal Street lock

Friday 30th April 2021, 9.20am (day 3,536)

Canal Street lock, 30/4/21

It’s always nice to see Canal Street, in the centre of Manchester, actively live up to its name. Lock open, rather than lockdown. Perhaps I could have stood a bit to the left and made this a more symmetrical shot, but never mind. The guy at the gate has busted the photographer.

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Canal Street lock(down), Manchester

Thursday 22nd October 2020, 9.25am (day 3,346)

Canal Street lock, 22/10/20

The Rochdale Canal has featured many times on this blog, most recently eleven days ago, near Todmorden. This shot is taken in the centre of Manchester, on Canal Street, as urban (and metrosexual) as you get, but you wouldn’t know that from this shot. When I returned past this point in the afternoon, all the leaves had gone, suggesting the lock had been opened at some point during the day — a small sign of life in what remains a mostly comatose city, just waiting for the Tory Party to take it down and stomp it underfoot for a few more weeks.

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Friday 16th August 2019, 1.45pm (day 2,913)

Barricaded in, 16/8/19

I have to write. I basically barricaded myself in the house to do so, even if only symbolically. These are the tough assignments: days in the house, working, grey and dull weather, and not even any family members around to pose for portraits. So here is the barricade, either a messy abstract of a shot or an interesting bunch of textures. What’s going on with the floor exactly, I don’t know, but that’s my house for you.

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Sealed in

Friday 30th December 2016, 4.10pm (day 1,954)

Locked in, 30/12/16

If the security bolt on our front door is still drawn, it means neither Clare, Joe nor I have left the house since we got up. If it’s still drawn at 4pm, you can guess what kind of day it has been. But I did work. Seventh picture in a row from Hebden Bridge, four of which have been taken in or from my house, although these limited horizons expand a little over the weekend.

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Old door

Saturday 19th December 2015, 4.20pm (day 1,577)

Peeling door, 19/12/15

Second of five days in a row where I guarantee I am not going beyond the home — pub — shop axis. Time to dig into some creative corners; I’ve had my eye on this door for a while.

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Broken lock

Saturday 11th April 2015, 3.20pm (day 1,325)

Broken lock, 11/4/15

The last few days’ photos have come out late because my Mac broke on Friday, although it is better now (thanks to the tender attentions of its progenitors, the Apple Store). But that was only the first major breakage of the day — this beauty (our front door) kept us in most of the afternoon until the locksmith came round. That key shouldn’t be stuck at that angle, believe me.

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Rochdale Canal, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 1st October 2011, 10.20am (day 37)

Rochdale Canal, 1/10/11

I like travelling; but I also like coming home. It’s a cliché, but one that is true, particularly on a beautiful, Indian summer’s day like today.

I had another very close candidate for today’s photo, on a similar theme, which I have put on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/drew_whitworth/6200384161/in/photostream. Like everyone else, I think Indian summers are great – that last little bit of heat and sun before the inevitability of winter. No wonder we all chill out.

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