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Under the Tay Bridge

Friday 20th May 2022, 1.50pm (day 3,921)

The Tay road bridge makes its second appearance on the blog, the first being when it was depicted in 2015 from its partner, the much older rail bridge. This is taken from right underneath it, looking south along an indeterminate length of its piers. What the numbers mean I have no idea — water depth measures perhaps? The verticals don’t look quite straight but I don’t think that’s my fault — I think they’re built that way.

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The tired corner

Saturday 11th September 2021, 3.55pm (day 3,670)

Tired corner flag, 11/9/21

A 5am alarm call, pick up the car, pack the car, engage in a five and a half hour drive from home to Dundee (a pretty good run, in fact). Pick up key for Joe’s new flat, travel to said flat, unload car, hang around a bit to check all was OK and then…. well, what would you to do unwind from all that on a Saturday afternoon? Something different perhaps, but my habits are well enough ingrained. I did feel like this corner flag at Dundee Violet FC, however.

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Bash Street

Monday 7th June 2021, 9.30am (day 3,574)

Bash Street, 7/6/21

If you have no idea about the place of the comic, The Beano, in the British psyche, then this post will mean little to you. But Dundee (specifically, the publisher D C Thomson) is its home; and it was amusing to discover that Bash Street was around the corner from our hotel. This being the home (in the comic) of the gang of unruly schoolchildren, the Bash Street Kids, as depicted on the street sign.

Anyway, this was the last morning in Dundee and so the last on this little excursion outside England. A productive trip, too. There should be more to be seen of this place.

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Night Fever

Sunday 6th June 2021, 10.45am (day 3,573)

Night Fever, 6/6/21

Yesterday, the outside of the V & A Dundee — today, the inside. Except we’re not in Dundee any more, but it’s Studio 54 in New York, circa 1979, and Grace Jones is doing her inimitable stuff with body paint by Keith Haring. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday morning. (The exhibition is on until January, if you are interested.)

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In Dundee

Saturday 5th June 2021, 3.15pm (day 3,572)

V & A and Tay, 5/6/21

Welcome back to Dundee. The last time it was pictured, on day 1,401 (26/6/15), I was crossing the Tay via the rail bridge, but this is the road bridge that heads for Fife. Plus the impressive V & A Design Museum Dundee, and a seagull enjoying the very fine weather. It looks like we wil be seeing more of this place, at least if all works out — Joe has applied to come to university here, which is why we are checking it out.

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Tay Bridge

Friday 26th June 2015, 2.25pm (day 1,401)

Tay Bridge, 26/6/15

And so home again, a 7-hour train journey from Aberdeen to Hebden Bridge. My second return trip up the east coast of Scotland in the last few weeks, so a chance to revisit a theme hit not so long ago, the crossing of the River Tay. The stumps are those of the first Tay bridge which collapsed (due to crappy construction) in a storm shortly after it was built.

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Crossing the Tay

Sunday 10th May 2015, 9.30am (day 1,354)

Tay bridge, 10/5/15

Left Dundee this morning after an enjoyable stay. Anyone travelling south from there by rail will begin their journey with a crossing of the Tay Bridge, scene of one of Britain’s worst rail disasters when the original, and poorly-built, version of the bridge collapsed in high winds in 1879, taking a train and 75 people with it. (The only survivor was the locomotive, which was salvaged and remained in service for another 50 years.) Fortunately for us all, the replacement bridge was built rather more durably.

I know this photo teeters on the brink of being deliberately bad but hey, I’m feeling experimental. The rain was sheeting down outside the windows as I crossed on the 0924 Dundee – Edinburgh service, so this is the best I could do. And, of course, this photo is taken from the rail bridge — but it’s a photo of the newer road bridge (completed 1967), with the still-extant shipyard behind.

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Friday 8th May 2015, 12.05pm (day 1,352)

Milo, 8/5/15

I am here in Dundee to finish off writing a paper with my colleague Annalisa and this task was undertaken today at her house; and this is the man of said house. The rest of us are just staff. Milo becomes the third cat in a row to feature on this blog where I’ve known its name, after Harry and Mathilda, the last two CCSs (Cheap Cat Shots).

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Magdalene Green, Dundee

Thursday 7th May 2015, 7.00pm (day 1,351)

Magdalene green, 7/5/15

I’m not facing head-on the General Election that is taking place today. In any case nothing will be resolved until tomorrow morning at the very earliest, and probably several days after that if the opinion polls are to be believed. I left home very early this morning because of work commitments in Dundee, Scotland, a city I have never visited before, and this shot of the evening light there (plus the small plane — does it look like a blotch, or does it add to the shot?) makes this only the second Scottish location, after Edinburgh (April last year), to feature on this blog. It may be that the Scottish Nationalists hold the balance of power after today’s voting, so this could be an appropriate location to spend the next few days.

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