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The morning after

Tuesday 5th June 2018, 7.30am (day 2,476)

Dead glasses, 5/6/18

It is perhaps better not to speculate on the fate of the former owner of these spectacles, forlornly lying abandoned on Canal Street in Manchester early today… One assumes that the position of the, let’s say, splodge is coincidental. But I guess it might not be.

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Attack of the giant bees

Tuesday 17th April 2018, 8.25am (day 2,427)

Bee mural, 17/4/18

The bees know what we’re doing… and they’re very unhappy.

Or maybe it’s a mural on the side of the New Union. Whatever…

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Taking down the decorations, Canal Street

Thursday 5th January 2017, 2.00pm (day 1,960)

Xmas lights down, 5/1/17

I had a picture of the lights on Canal Street when they were up — and here they are being taken down, as tradition dictates, before Twelfth Night tomorrow. By the guy on the ladder in the background, who busted the photographer — one reason I quite like this shot, as well as the depth of field.

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Canal Street decorations

Thursday 24th November 2016, 1.55pm (day 1,918)

Canal St. decoration, 24/11/16

I assume Christmas decorations, but on this street who knows for sure.

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By Canal Street, Manchester city centre

Thursday 3rd July 2014, 9.40am (day 1,043)

Canal Street, 3/7/14

Canal Street in Manchester is best known for being the street in the midst of the Gay Village; but it does actually still have a canal beside it. This is probably the first time I have seen a working boat on it. If you barge it for long enough, by the way, in a generally northerly direction, this is also the canal that goes through Hebden Bridge, as seen many times on this blog in the past.

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Sackville Street

Wednesday 26th March 2014, 8.00am (day 944)

Sackville Street, 26/3/14

Talk about a polarised day. The morning — glorious, beautiful sunshine, pleasantly mild. Then I arrived at work at the unusually early time of 8.15, emerged again 9 hours later, and it had become thoroughly chilly, grey and damp. There is a reason all my photos today were taken in the morning.

Anyway, here is the third of my mini-series — guaranteed 5-in-a-row of Manchester. I love the various lines on this shot. This is taken at the point Sackville Street meets Canal Street — the lady is just stepping onto the bridge that takes Sackville Street over the canal.

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Leftover flags, Canal Street, Manchester

Thursday 7th June 2012, 2.25pm (day 287)

Canal Street flags, 7/6/12

Back in the UK, where there are occasional bursts of paraphernalia left over from the Jubilee celebrations last weekend, missed due to my being in Norway. So here’s a belated reference to all the pro patria stuff.

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