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Ex-ice rink

Thursday 11th January 2018, 2.40pm (day 2,331)

Ex-ice rink, 11/1/18

Don’t worry, Manchester has not made a sudden return to the depths of winter. In fact this is the Christmas ice rink being callously disposed of. That’s your festive fun over for another year, sod off back to work the lot of you. Then again this was the establishment that was publicly playing Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day as early as November 8th this year, so I have no sympathy. Doubtless it’ll be back in ten months.

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Ice landscape

Saturday 13th December 2014, 12.45pm (day 1,206)

Ice landscape, 13/12/14

As had grown on a car bonnet (hood) today — and note the time. This was the coldest day of 2014 I think.

Mind you I still haven’t actually touched snow since 21st January 2013, immediately prior to my trip to Australia. Saw it at a distance on 4th February this year, but only that one time, and it’s not been underfoot again yet.

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Ice rainbow

Thursday 29th August 2013, 6.30pm (day 735)

Ice rainbow 29/8/13

I’ve only ever seen this a couple of times before — a rainbow, or at least a spectrum, high in the air, nowhere near the ground and with no rain in sight. I guess it must be caused by light refracting through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Bad weather on the way perhaps. Let’s hope not: I intend to spend next weekend walking in Norway.

POSTSCRIPT: Have discovered this is something called a ‘circumzenithal arc’. They are not rare as such, but apparently only appear when the sun is at exactly the right angle to ice crystals in high-level clouds, and thus can be seen only in very restricted locations on the ground. So if you do see one, feel privileged – it may well only be visible in a space a few metres around you.

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Frosty morning

Sunday 2nd December 2012, 11.30am (day 465)

Frosty bramble, 2/12/12

Stayed below freezing all day today, the coldest day since Moscow back in March. Beautiful weather however, a glorious winter’s day. These brambles have made a break for freedom above a stone wall up the road from our house.

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Turned cold again

Saturday 4th February 2012, 4.10pm (day 163)

Muscovy duck in snow, 4/2/12

The forecasts have been promising a snowy turn to the weather for a while and today it duly arrived – although it was hardly The Day After Tomorrow. This did not, of course, prevent most of Britain’s infrastructure clogging up as we all fretted about the place, and councils and national government blamed each other for there not being enough gritters. But it’s the same every year.

This bird is apparently a Muscovy duck: not indigenous to the UK (a fuller shot of it is here). Either it’s stopped over for a busman’s holiday, or it’s an escaped pet. I have been told the eggs are very tasty. They’d keep well if laid outside in this weather, too.

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