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A rather pointless road sign

Friday 17th March 2017, 8.55am (day 2,031)

Pointless arrow, 17/3/17

This alley heads off Cross Street in Manchester and then ends after about twenty metres in the blank white wall of the building you see ahead. That building must have been built quite a while ago now, like in the 1970s at the latest. No car or other vehicle has come down this street in a long time. And as the double yellow lines imply, you aren’t supposed to even use this as a lay-by.

So why the arrow? Why a nice, bright, reasonably freshly painted ‘turn right’ sign (when Cross Street isn’t even one-way)? Answers on a postcard to Manchester City Council please.

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Joe in the alley

Saturday 15th August 2015, 1.15pm (day 1,451)

Joe beside cinema, 15/8/15

We’re still not moving a great distance from home. Taken down the side of the cinema in Hebden Bridge. Why do I like it? The arrow, the lines, the capturing of Joe’s shuffling gait.

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