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Abandoned shoe

Saturday 8th December 2018, 11.45am (day 2,662)

Abandoned shoe, 8/12/18

Another abandoned shoe, presumably its owner had a particularly good Friday night. Like with the bins yesterday, I accept in this shot another usual spoiler of composition — the lamp-post — because here it works perfectly.

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Shoe, St. Peter’s Square

Wednesday 16th December 2015, 9.00am (day 1,574)

Abandoned shoe, 16/12/15

Why? Why are there abandoned shoes in this world, particularly just one of them, and particularly with a heel like this, right in the middle of Manchester city centre on a Wednesday morning? Who knows, but let’s make it number 3 in this occasional series

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Saturday 10th January 2015, 1.40pm (day 1,234)

Abandoned shoe, 10/1/15

Abandoned shoes fascinate me — particularly when there’s only one of them. I mean, what’s the story behind that?

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