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Crow King (of Southwaite services)

Friday 18th March 2022, 4.10pm (day 3,858)

Crow, Southwaite, 18/3/22

Southwaite services on the M6, just south of Carlisle. This huge crow, possibly a raven, with a beak to strike terror into any smaller and inferior creature, was definitely in charge: principally of waste disposal, but, I suspect, of various other aspects of the operation too.

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Rest stop (A well-known hamburger restaurant)

Thursday 20th April 2017, 3.20pm (day 2,065)

McDonalds screen, 20/4/17

I don’t do many road trips, I mean, using cars and motorways, but today, and the next few days, is an exception. That means I don’t often get to enjoy the delights of rest stops, service stations, whatever you want to call them. Not that these are places designed to inspire much photography, but I don’t mind this shot, taken through a screen at Markham Moor services on the A1, somewhere in Nottinghamshire. No endorsement of McDonalds’ is implied, although I think their 99p for a tea is fair enough (plenty of other similar places will be prepared to charge £2.50 for same).

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