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The Garden of Exile

Friday 24th August 2018, 11.50am (day 2,556)

Garden of Exile, 24/8/18

The building which houses the Jewish Museum in Berlin is one of the most brilliant pieces of architecture I have ever experienced. Even if it were empty of exhibits — and at the moment, due to a renovation, it nearly is — it would make you think. There are these great vertical voids throughout the building, including the ‘Holocaust Tower’, a vast blank space illuminated only by a sliver of light coming in through the top. Another is covered with these metal sculpted faces, representing the innocent dead, that you must walk across in order to traverse the space. Then there is this garden, the ‘Garden of Exile’ — its plants placed high up on these stone pillars. Walking around it, other people appear and disappear randomly from view. This is architecture of genius, and well worth visiting. Though don’t expect to come out of it feeling any happier about the world — except, perhaps, that it has been built in Berlin. That fact alone gives me some hope.

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The Berlin Wall (remnant)

Friday 23rd February 2018, 1.55pm (day 2,374)

Berlin wall, 23/2/18

I wonder how many reputed bits of the Berlin Wall there are remaining in the world. I used to have at least one bit of rubble that was definitely part of it, because I removed it myself, on my one visit to Berlin in September 1990 when there was still quite a bit of it standing and being pulled down by tourists. Every bit of it that I could see at that time had been heavily graffitied so either this big, relatively clean chunk standing in the Imperial War Museum in London is from something else, or (more likely) this stood on the inside, facing the no-man’s land that stood between East and West from 1961-1989.

Whatever. Decent museum, the IWM, takes an even-handed view of its subject matter. And free, for now.

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The builder of robots

Sunday 21st August 2016, 1.20pm (day 1,823)

Robot man, 21/8/16

And very good some of the robots were too — the small automata lined up on the table before him. Taken at ‘MakeFest’, a way of keeping the children occupied during summer at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. A shame the kids are a bit overexposed but I like Robot Man’s benevolent glow.

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Monday 18th January 2016, 9.25am (day 1,607)

Mammoth, 18/1/16

I bet you didn’t pass one of these on the way to your morning meeting. Mine happened to be in the Manchester Museum (last seen on here as the home of the vivid tropical frogs) — so I did.

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In the Victoria and Albert museum

Saturday 4th July 2015, 12.15pm (day 1,409)

Sketching, 4/7/15

The weekend in London continues. Visited the Victoria and Albert museum partly to see an exhibition and partly because I had never previously been there in my 46 years. The museum was opened in 1857 and has the largest collection of art and design objects in the world, the scale of which — 6.5 million objects — becomes apparent when you wander around the fairly large building and realise that even then only a tiny proportion of the collection is on display. This artist was one of a group sketching a sculpture which had made it out to public view.

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Great Court, British Museum

Friday 19th December 2014, 3.30pm (day 1,212)

Great Court, 19/12/14

A weekend in London, and a second appearance on the blog this year for the British Museum — well, it’s too big to see on one trip. As you’ll see from tomorrow’s picture as well, I’m in a monochrome mood just now.

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In the British Museum

Saturday 16th August 2014, 3.15pm (day 1,087)

British Museum, 16/8/14

Following the visit to the Vatican a few weeks back, here I am in another of the world’s great museums. Specfically, the Ancient Egyptian room on the ground floor, home to the Rosetta Stone and various other famous relics. I like this shot simply because of the light. It might be better without the little explanatory squares of text, but what can you do.


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The National Museum of Scotland

Sunday 6th April 2014, 10.45am (day 955)

National Museum of Scotland, 6/4/14

Shouldn’t all museums look like this? I mean, by law?

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Lancaster Maritime Museum

Thursday 15th August 2013, 11.55am (day 721)

Lancaster maritime museum, 15/8/13

These dummies look miserable as all hell, but then again that gives a sense of authenticity to the scene. I like the way the light has caught the ‘woman’s’ smock; actually, as models these two were more co-operative than real husband-and-wife stevedores doubtless would have been in a comparable situation.

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At the Jeff Wall exhibition, M.C.A., Sydney

Saturday 25th May 2013, 1.45pm (day 639)

Jeff Wall exhibition, 25/5/13

My last full day in Australia — for now. Spent the middle part of it at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, lured in by the promise of a free exhibition (and this is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so freebies are to be welcomed). Felt inspired by some really good photography, if you’re into this particular medium and you haven’t seen the work of Jeff Wall I do recommend checking it out. He works on some projects for up to six months, to capture a single image — like this one, for instance, probably my favourite of the exhibition and visible here on the left of my shot.

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