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Come in and spend money

Saturday 17th December 2022, 12.30pm (day 4,132)

Antique shop, 17/12/22

Two years ago, roughtly, I walked into this establishment intending to buy gifts for others and came out having spent far too much money on myself (see this post). Today I ignored its warmth and welcoming lighting; except to capture this shot, anyway.

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Antique shop

Tuesday 28th June 2022, 3.30pm (day 3,960)

Antique shop, 28/6/22

More junk, like yesterday. But no one would come in if it were called a ‘junk shop’, so the word ‘antique’ is employed to give these various discarded pieces of trash some cachet. But it’s all for show. Take the false teeth visible to top right, for example. However old they are, I doubt they would be employed by a set decorator for some period movie.

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Thou shalt not covet

Sunday 6th December 2020, 1.55pm (day 3,391)

Katana, 6/12/20

I don’t normally covet material goods. People, places, experiences, sure… but not normally things. Today I made an exception. Although it’s just as well the price of this marvellous item is concealed on this shot.

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In the junk shop

Sunday 30th September 2018, 3.45pm (day 2,593)

Typesetting tray, 30/9/18

This is one of those junk shops that has grandiose self-image and calls itself an “Antiques Centre” but we’ll let it off. I believe this object is an old typesetting tray, the kind of thing useful when typefaces came as hundreds of small carved pieces of metal. What practical use to anyone it is nowadays, I cannot imagine, but on the other hand it is a pretty cool lump of wood if you ask me. Not that I decided to lug it home or anything.

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Palace House Road, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 15th June 2013, 12.40pm (day 660)

Palace House Road, 15/6/13

I realised today while having 45 minutes to wander around town that in 12 years of living in Hebden Bridge I had never walked up a particular street. So, I did. It looks like this: if one wants it to. (This image is further cropped from the first version after I realised there was a satellite dish on it!)

Get used to the scenery anyway: with only a very few exceptions (six or so), I’m staying in the home town every day for the next five and a half weeks. It hasn’t happened much lately…

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