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Umbilicus (not funeral-related)

Monday 19th September 2022, 10.00am (day 4,043)

Mac adaptor, 19/9/22

This is nothing whatsoever to do with today’s global media event, which I could not have spared the time to watch even if the desire had been there: declaring a national holiday at short notice is all well and good but it didn’t mean the jobs went away. Not least the new Mac, that is still in the process of being shaped to look as much like the old one as possible. Though no thanks to Apple, for taking away most of the useful ports on anything they shipped after about 2017. That’s another £64 to the Cupertino coffers for the umbilicus one now needs even to look at all that data sitting on the backup drive.

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Mac into hospital (11 days ago…)

Tuesday 6th September 2022, 9.45am (day 4,030)

Mac into hospital, 6/9/22

The absence of recent posts and the aforementioned ‘computer problems’ are here represented by a crap photo, but that just epitomises it all. Still, I’m back up and running again now, 11 days later. Kind of.

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Joe at college, or maybe not

Tuesday 5th January 2021, 3.45pm (day 3,421)

Joe's rendering, 5/1/21

So schools and colleges had one day of life and now Bojo has said they’re unclean, like the rest of the country. So Joe gets to spend the next six weeks, maybe twelve, at home, while algorithms and their creators bicker to be given the right to determine his future. Conviviality and intimacy are things of the past, getting further away all the time.

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IT helpdesk

Tuesday 7th November 2017, 1.55pm (day 2,266)

IT helpdesk, 7/11/17

How many IT helpdesks round the world look like this, I wonder? Still, they did help. On an iatrogenic problem, though.

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Inside Mansour’s Mac

Friday 16th June 2017, 10.55am (day 2,122)

Mansour's Mac, 16/6/17

Have been a Mac owner for nigh on a decade now but realised today I had never before seen inside one — this realisation coming about when my student Mansour turned up in my office and started dismantling his, for reasons that are too unnecessarily complex to reveal here. Anyway, there you go, that’s what it looks like inside. I somehow feel there should be more to it.

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MacBook (there went my day)

Monday 13th March 2017, 6.25pm (day 2,027)

MacBook, 13/3/17

With all due respect to its intellectual and conversational benefits, a day teaching at home online is not going to be the most exciting day photographically. Never mind. In a week’s time I shall be on my way to Japan.

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Geek porn

Sunday 2nd November, 11.25am (day 1,165)

BBC micro, 2/11/14

If this photo raises a prickle of recognition in you — even nostalgia — then I know how old you are. BBC Micro, pictured at the National Media Museum, Bradford.

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Maria-Carme in her office

Thursday 5th September 2013, 9.35am (day 742)

Maria's office, 5/9/13

Having graced it back on my last visit to Bergen in June, Maria-Carme becomes the latest in a run of people to make their second appearance on this blog. This is her in her office prior to our project meeting today. I like her impressive chair and the way her hand seems to have become a separate, spider-like entity.

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The Baby, MOSI, Manchester

Friday 17th February 2012, 1.35pm (day 176)

The Baby, MOSI, 17/2/12

Day off today – so I went and did what I had done every other day this week, and went into Manchester. With educational ends however. This is the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), a fine place to spend time, and this is a replica of the world’s first stored-program computer, dontcha know. If it wasn’t for this thing we’d all still be communicating via radio. Or something.

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