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The Thames, again

Wednesday 15th February 2023, 9.40am (day 4,192)

Thames near Kew Bridge, 15/2/23

My last day in London, this time. I did the Thames as a subject on Sunday, but I’m doing it again. A glorious morning: the two walkers seen here, and me, were considerably overdressed. I’m not sure that the bridge ahead has a name, but it takes the suburban line over the river to Chiswick. This is a very attractive part of the city, which is why I will never be able to afford to live there.

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Europe’s busiest railway station

Tuesday 14th February 2023, 10.45pm (day 4,191)

Clapham Junction, 14/2/23

Clapham Junction station takes everything that Victoria and Waterloo stations have to throw at it, and as a result is apparently the busiest railway station in Europe, judged by number of trains. Except between midnight and 5am there can be up to 200 trains an hour passing through here, which makes it more than one every twenty seconds.

I like this golden spillage of light, and the seemingly random fractions posted on the top. I was here late on: this is the latest shot since 5th October 2020, in fact.

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The Thames at Brentford

Sunday 12th February 2023, 9.35am (day 4,189)

Thames at Brentford, 12/2/23

Despite having come to London regularly over the years there are still parts of this massive city that I have not yet explored. The western suburbs were amongst them, but this time I am staying in Brentford, giving me the chance to take a Sunday morning walk down the banks of the Thames to Chiswick and Barnes, all desirable spots. The river looks narrow here but that’s because over there is an eyot, or river island, which splits the flow in two at this point. What the old concrete post was, no idea — but the birds like to perch on it.

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The calm under the flightpath

Saturday 11th February 2023, 2.00pm (day 4,188)

Horses under Heathrow, 11/2/23

These have to be among the world’s most stoic horses. The poles in this field are one end of the series of guidance beacons for one of the runways at Heathrow. Gigantic flying machines like the one seen here are coming into land every few minutes, and the noise is incredible. But they don’t seem all that bothered.

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Lonely shoe, King’s Cross

Monday 24th October 2022, 10.05am (day 4,078)

Lonely shoe, King's X, 24/10/22

The latest in an occasional series on this blog — Abandoned Shoes, n+1. (A previous episode is here, for example.) As this one is waiting at the top of the subway that leads down and into King’s Cross station, perhaps it’s just trying to get home. I am reminded of a joke from an early series of Red Dwarf about “shoes having souls”.

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King’s Cross, early evening

Saturday 15th October 2022, 5.50pm (day 4,069)

King's Cross, 15/10/22

After the sheer excitement of the last few days, at least today was a livelier and more interesting one, involving a day trip to London. It was for work, and working on a Saturday is usually something I avoid at all costs, but this one was worth doing (being connected with my project on St Helena). King’s Cross was its usual busy and attractive self as I began the journey home. The first of four trips to the capital, of varying length, that I am scheduled to make over the next few weeks.

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Rippleside cemetery

Saturday 20th August 2022, 12.50pm (day 4,013)

Rippleside Cemetery, 20/8/22

Barking is one of the least gentrified bits of London, not that that is a bad thing. It also gives extremely good graveyard, as I discovered when getting away from the traffic noise and finding myself in the huge necropolis that is Rippleside cemetery, seeming to stretch away for miles, a vast city of memorials to those who have ‘passed on’ and ‘fallen asleep’. Or, here with the three members of the Sanderson family, taken out by (I assume) German bombers one night in January 1941.

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The Post Office Tower

Friday 15th July 2022, 6.30pm (day 3,977)

Post Office Tower, 15/7/22

I’m back in London again and here’s one of its best-known landmarks. Actually this hasn’t been called the ‘Post Office Tower’ for a very long time — these days it’s the ‘BT Tower’. But for my generation this always was the Post Office Tower and always will be. Tallest building in the UK from when it was built in 1964 until 1980. There’s still something cute about it; it reminds me of a big light bulb, for some reason.

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In death, still reading

Friday 24th June 2022, 10.05am (day 3,956)

Sarcophagi, V & A, 24/6/22

A working week in London, and this becomes the third time that city has been the setting for five pictures in a row. Friday morning was spent at the Victoria & Albert museum, where this collection of sarcophagi reside. Whomever was the subject for the one second from bottom, they clearly wanted to be portrayed as studious, even in death.

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Senate House, more intimately

Wednesday 22nd June 2022, 9.25am (day 3,954)

Senate House, 22/6/22

Senate House makes its second appearance on the blog, after debuting in July 2015. This shot is something of a repeat but I had to get it back on here this week as it’s the venue for my course (we are somwhere up the wall to the right). I do like this building, first for itself and its clean lines — and it’s good inside, as well — but also for the fact (repeated from seven years ago) that it’s the model for Ministry of Truth in Nineteen Eighty-Four. And you can quite readily picture it in that role.

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