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Before the press conference

Sunday 24th April 2022, 4.05pm (day 3,895)

BHA media room, 24/4/22

I was working today, Sunday — but this was no hardship, as it involved being in the press box for a Premier League game, namely Brighton v Southampton. This was the scene after the match, as we — ‘the media’ I guess (about 20 guys of varying ages, no women I’m afraid) — awaited the arrival of the managers. Each perhaps frustrated that there was no winning goal for either: 2-2 was the final score. On this one I like the basic monochrome, set off by the one flash of colour.

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Joe the filmmaker

Monday 26th October 2020, 1.55pm (day 3,350)

Joe filming me, 26/10/20

Time is on our hands. I can’t easily get into Manchester this week as the train line is having one of its bouts of ‘maintenance’. Joe is on his half-term break. I needed a film making for teaching purposes and it gave us both something to do, and him something to put on his portfolio for later life.

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Princess Street

Tuesday 18th February 2020, 10.15am (day 3,099)

Princess Street, 18/2/20

A familiar scene on the walk to work. This just about now passes the ‘no building sites’ rule as the block to the left, under construction for what seems like about a decade, is mostly finished. The speed camera doesn’t seem to have a great deal to do on this Tuesday morning.

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Peter films me

Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 1.30pm (day 2,008)

Peter filiming, 22/2/17

Our multimedia guy, Peter, gets himself set up ready to film me talking about something or other in my office. I had to sound reasonably intelligent but really, it’s not going to make your day more interesting if you knew what the subject matter had been.

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Kodak Brownie

Thursday 31st March 2016, 2.40pm (day 1,680)

Kodak Brownie, 31/3/16

The original Kodak Brownie camera dates from the early 20th century and was the first model of camera to really achieve mass market penetration. It popularised the notion of the ‘snapshot’, the idea that not all photography had to be high art, that it could reflect everyday life (‘get that Kodak moment’). I happened to find this model B Brownie in our house today during the 2016 Easter Spring Clean. It isn’t worth anything — millions of these were produced — but it’s nice that somehow it’s still around, sitting happily on a shelf somewhere, being preserved.

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Thursday 15th October 2015, 7.40pm (day 1,512)

Cameraman, 15/10/15

This piece of equipment isn’t quite as fearsome as it looks, because in fact there are three of them lined up along row O of the stalls of the Palace Theatre, Manchester, filming the performance we came tonight to see. The ten rows behind them all had to be reseated, which is proof, I guess, that the BBC can stomp in and do what they like….

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Lining up the family portrait

Sunday 23rd December 2012, 12.45pm (day 486)

Dad behind camera, 23/12/12

Family pre-Christmas get-together today. My Dad here lines up the family portrait, and records another year in his own way, as I add him to my record of mine.

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New camera (inappropriately wrapped)

Monday 27th August 2012, 3.35pm (day 368)

Not an Xmas present, 27/8/12

In this box is my new camera. All but two of the photos on this blog so far have been taken with my Fujifilm Finepix JZ210 but the zoom has been increasingly unreliable lately and it’s being gracefully retired with honours. This may be the last picture taken with it. It’s done a good job. Consider this pic the tribute to it.

I did ask Clare why she thought to wrap its replacement in High School Musical paper that said ‘Happy Christmas’ on it but the answer was not a very satisfactory one. (Incidentally I didn’t open this yesterday because Joe was not around and he wanted to be in on it.)

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Joe tries out his Christmas present

Sunday 25th December 2011, 12.15pm (day 122)

Joe the photographer, 25/12/11

Hard to know quite how to encapsulate a day like Christmas without cliché. But here is Joe using one of his Christmas presents…. a chip off the old block? Who knows?

The game, by the way, is mölkky, a version of skittles for which I developed a liking in Finland last midsummer. Very tactical. Worth a try, if you have a piece of flat land about half the size of a tennis court to play it on.

Also, today is the end of the 4th month of this blog. I feel like I have been doing it forever. Actually I have twice as much left as I have already done.

And a happy Christmas to you all….

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