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Online meeting

Friday 8th November 2019, 12.45pm (day 2,997)

Online meeting, 8/11/19

I was supposed to be in Manchester today but with the outflow of yesterday’s floods still wandering past, I gave the travelling a miss. But how great is videoconferencing? Photographically I hope it is also interesting to depict the random pile of crap that has accumulated at one side of the dining table… then again, I am surely reaching.

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Thursday 31st October 2019, 9.40am (day 2,989)

Totem and laptop, 31/10/19

Back home — at least for a day. It’s Halloween but I don’t really go for The Festival of Cheap Plastic Tat. I did have a couple of online classes to run however, so I let my totem make an appearance. Perhaps the Mac is also a totem — or a familiar? It’s certainly hard to weave any magic without it, these days.

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Working at home

Thursday 3rd January 2019, 3.25pm (day 2,688)

On the laptop, 3/1/19

According to my phone pedometer: number of steps done yesterday = 38,855. Number done today = 839. This is an accurate reflection of things.

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On the way home

Monday 26th November 2018, 11.40am (day 2,650)

In Munich Hbf, 26/11/18

Travelling, and working, and having a cup of tea, in Munich central station, which is so huge that you  go two stops on the S-bahn train before you actually leave its awnings. I found my little corner of it for a time. A decent trip to Germany, but time to go home.

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Inside Mansour’s Mac

Friday 16th June 2017, 10.55am (day 2,122)

Mansour's Mac, 16/6/17

Have been a Mac owner for nigh on a decade now but realised today I had never before seen inside one — this realisation coming about when my student Mansour turned up in my office and started dismantling his, for reasons that are too unnecessarily complex to reveal here. Anyway, there you go, that’s what it looks like inside. I somehow feel there should be more to it.

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MacBook (there went my day)

Monday 13th March 2017, 6.25pm (day 2,027)

MacBook, 13/3/17

With all due respect to its intellectual and conversational benefits, a day teaching at home online is not going to be the most exciting day photographically. Never mind. In a week’s time I shall be on my way to Japan.

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Working on the train to Glasgow

Thursday 10th March 2016, 5.05pm (day 1,659)

Train to Glasgow, 10/3/16

I’m examining a doctoral thesis in Glasgow tomorrow and it’s too far to do as a day trip so I came up tonight. This shot was snapped during a spell of good light on the train, somewhere around Carlisle. The Mac shows that I’m still just about working at this point but it wasn’t to last much longer — then again, you try assimilating Michel Foucault’s The Archaeology of Knowledge past 5pm on a Thursday. But then again I did have wine (as seen bottom left).

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Working at home, kind of

Thursday 21st March 2013, 10.35am (day 574)

Kookaburra workspace, 21/3/13

It’s not exactly home, but I’m here often enough at the moment. And I was working. Honestly. All the trappings are there – Mac, cup of tea, the essentials.

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Monday morning workspace, Adelaide

Monday 4th February 2013, 9.40am (day 529)

Adelaide workspace, 4/2/13


A fairly normal Monday of work for me, not at all eventful or particularly uplifting, but at least the office space was more attractive and al fresco than it could have been.

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Still Life with Tea and Apple

Tuesday 20th November 2012, 10.40am (day 453)

Tea and Apple, 20/11/12

A rather uninspiring day which comes as part of a long run of rather uninspiring days. Today I did my best with some very limited raw material. But, ah, the joys of cropping. Crop away, I say.

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