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The optimist

Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 8.15am (day 3,022)

Tod market, 3/12/19

The outdoor stalls at Todmorden market stay there permanently, and well before the presumed 9am opening time of the rest of the enterprise, this guy was out with his boxes trying to get the early morning trade. There wasn’t any, hence the title of this post. I like this shot because it’s the one I was trying to take, and the car headlight poking through the struts is the final bonus.

What, on the other hand, was I doing in Todmorden — as opposed to being somewhat nearer Manchester — at this time in the morning? Don’t ask. Just part of the Conservative Party’s Annual Autumn Travel Lottery.

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Day care centre

Friday 9th August 2019, 1.35pm (day 2,906)

Day care centre, 9/8/19

On an uneventful, work-free Friday ungraced by stellar photo opportunities, this seemed to sum things up the best.

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Sunrise and Stoodley Pike

Thursday 13th September 2018, 6.40am (day 2,576)

Stoodley Pike sunrise, 13/9/18

The monument atop Stoodley Pike is visible for much of the train journey from Hebden Bridge to Todmorden, but the best view of it comes at the end, as one crosses the viaduct just prior to Todmorden station. You get about five seconds to see it properly before trees, then the station buildings, obscure the view. Seeing as I experience this view every time I get a train to Manchester (as long as I’m sat on the left), in a sense I have been waiting over seven years to offer up a version of this picture on the blog: so if I remain committed to never repeating myself, let’s only show it when it seems particularly worth it. Did it make the 5:35am alarm call (and 7:45am arrival in the office) worthwhile? Er…. mildly, I guess.

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View from the back of the bus

Saturday 19th November 2016, 5.10pm (day 1,913)

Back of bus, Tod, 19/11/16

The weather has switched from decency to foulness pretty quickly. Having once more gone into Manchester, this time with Joe to sort him and me out a new phone each, our train journey home was terminated at Todmorden due to flooding on the line somewhere between Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge, so we were on the bus for the last leg of the journey. Dull this picture is, but it epitomises how it’s all suddenly got dark, cold and damp. Welcome to November for real….

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Relax, the weekend is here

Thursday 24th March 2016, 6.05pm (day 1,673)

Tod station, 24/3/16

A day early too. We all need a break — me, him and indeed the trains, which stop running into Manchester for the next 10 days, just for the hell of it really. Who cares: I’m now off work until the 4th April. Happy Easter.

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Tod market

Tuesday 1st December 2015, 2.45 pm (day 1,559)

Tod market 1/12/15

Todmorden market‘s second appearance on the blog — though I never seem to actually catch it open. Perhaps it’s just better this way.

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On Todmorden station

Wednesday 11th June 2014, 4.15pm (day 1,021)

Tod station, 11/6/14

A sunny moment captured through the window of a train on the opposite platform. What I want to know is whether the cat is also intending to catch the imminent Manchester service.

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At Todmorden station

Tuesday 10th April 2012, 11.45am (day 229)

Tod station, 10/4/12

This photo encapsulates the weather we had today: wind, rain and sun. Taken from inside the (heated) waiting room on platform 2 of Todmorden railway station.

Another very strong candidate for photo of the day is on my Facebook page, by the way. Doubtless it will make its way into the next ‘best of the rest’ collection.

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Todmorden market at night

Wednesday 14th March 2012, 7.00pm (day 202)

Todmorden market, 14/3/12

Little commentary to add to this one – just a nice scene I passed on the way home. I’m sure it would be a cheaper service to run if they turned the lights off when it was empty, though.

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