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Me, 4 years on

Tuesday 25th August 2015, 1.40pm (day 1,461)

Drew, 25/8/15

26th August is my birthday, so today marks the end of the fourth year of this blog. On the day I started it, 26th August 2011, I took a picture of me (and Clare) on a train going down to London, which though it wasn’t The Photo for that day, appears on the ‘About’ page. So you can have a look at it if you like and compare it with this one, taken, also, on a train going down to London. I think I’m weathering OK. I intend to keep the blog going indefinitely… even if its title is now well out of date.

I’ve also added a page which reproduces my favourite 10 photos from years 3 and 4 of the blog.

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Slug in (someone else’s) garden

Monday 24th August 2015, 9.55am (day 1,460)

Slug and flowers, 24/8/15

I’m sure that somewhere in the textual ether there’s a better title for this shot but it wouldn’t come to me. I see the slug as a kind of advance scouting party, keeping itself inconspicuous while it checks out the rich pickings ahead. As it wasn’t my garden, I left it to it’s task…

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Agricultural debris

Sunday 23rd August 2015, 2.55pm (day 1,459)

Agricultural machinery, 23/8/15

Passed on a walk through the countryside, on a muggy day. I dislike this kind of agricultural mess (why should someone feel free to litter the place just because they farm it?) while at the same time liking it as a subject for a picture.

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Old dressing room, Hampden Park

Saturday 22nd August 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,458)

Old dressing room, 22/8/15

Hampden Park is Scotland’s national football stadium and also home of Queen’s Park FC, currently in the fourth tier of Scottish football, a bizarre but strangely endearing arrangement surely not replicated elsewhere in world football. The stadium has been on this site since 1903 and when it was substantially rebuilt in the 1990s this old version of one dressing room was preserved as part of the Scottish Football Museum. In this room, more or less, Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt prepared before the 1960 European Cup Final, often cited as one of the best games of football ever played (7-3 to Real).

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Clydeside, Glasgow

Friday 21st August 2015, 10.05am (day 1,457)

Clydeside, 21/8/15

Two faces of Glasgow. Yesterday, the pre-industrial, Victorian, under moody clouds thing. Today, definitely post-industrial, attempts to modernise the remnants of late 20th-century industrial landscapes (the modernistic building ahead being the Glasgow science park, opened in 2001; and the tower is the tallest building in Scotland, apparently). But still, the moody clouds thing.

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Thursday 20th August 2015, 3.55pm (day 1,456)

Necropolis, 20/8/15

So I find myself in Glasgow for a couple of days, meaning the four biggest cities in Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee) have all made it onto the blog in less than four months. I don’t know the place well but at least this afternoon proved that it does give good cemetery.

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Victoria station

Wednesday 19th August 2015, 9.20am (day 1,455)

Victoria, 19/8/15

Plenty of pictures at the moment of this place, but that’s because it’s nice to see a public works project that has actually turned out pretty well.

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The Brighton end

Tuesday 18th August 2015, 7.55pm (day 1,454)

Brighton end, 18/8/15

The town of Huddersfield has now appeared three times on the blog, each time for the football, though this is the first time the actual stadium has made it. Third game of the 2015-16 Championship season, and rather amazingly, we (Brighton & Hove Albion FC) had won the first two and then scored after only 17 seconds of this game, hence the happy faces on the fans here. (The guy who has busted me taking the photo does make it, I think.) Final result: 1-1 draw, so the happiness faded, a little.

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Monday 17th August 2015, 2.50pm (day 1,453)

Grasmere, 17/8/15

On some days you’ve just got to go with a particular shot simply because it’s exactly the picture you wanted to take when the shutter was pressed. This was one of those days.

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A question

Sunday 16th August 2015, 2.50pm (day 1,452)

Creativity sign, 16/8/15

And the answer? Is no, not at the moment. It’ll pass.

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