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Joe inspects the cake

Thursday 14th December 2017, 8.45pm (day 2,303)

Joe and cake, 14/12/17

Among the subjects Joe is taking at school these days is cookery (aka ‘food technology’ or some other such euphemism). Every Thursday we are becoming used to him bringing home food that has always been more than just palatable. This ginger cake was lit with a candle as a proxy celebration for my Dad’s birthday (happy birthday Dad….). And very tasty it was.

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Chrissi’s workshop

Thursday 7th December 2017, 1.25pm (day 2,296)

Chrissi's workshop, 7/12/17

Chrissi came to teach us all about using board games in teaching — not that that is obvious from this shot, but what the hell, I still like it. It was an engaging session and I think this is captured here. And yes, the eagle-eyed may have spotted our Clare engaging in the back there.

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Joe plots his next move

Thursday 30th November 2017, 7.55pm (day 2,289)

Joe playing Harbor, 30/11/17

Evening entertainment at the end of a very cold day. Joe contemplates whether he should exchange three cucumbers for a pallet of fish in the costermongers’, or possibly whether he should felch his mortgage and cast down his pie to prevent his opponents accumulating so many nickels that he will no longer be able to buy any rabbits. At least, I think those were the rules. My haziness on these matters is probably why I finished third (out of three).

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Clare in her new room

Saturday 28th October 2017, 3.10pm (day 2,256)

Clare in treatment room, 28/10/17

Seeing as I didn’t manage to put one of the wife up for her birthday on Thursday here is one to compensate. Clare inspects her new treatment room down in town, let’s wish her luck for a successful venture…

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My son and my father

Friday 8th September 2017, 4.10pm (day 2,206)

Son and father, 8/9/17

Apart from the fact that Joe, when stood up, is now some six inches taller than his grandfather, I would suggest that this photo is a pretty decent summation of how both of these people look at this point in time. Which is why I like it.

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Joe, Sunday, pub

Sunday 3rd September 2017, 5.40pm (day 2,201)

Joe, Sunday, pub, 3/9/17

Revenge for a photo-bomb… he then changed his mind about being in the picture. Joe’s 94th appearance on the blog, so it is. A quiet, uneventful weekend, but it was always going to be.

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Joe and the hedge

Saturday 8th July 2017, 3.10pm (day 2,144)

Joe in hedge, 8/7/17As predicted on Thursday, the weekend is seeing a family effort with manual labour on the allotment. Joe is contributing his bit, having discovered power tools (namely the hedge trimmer), although this photo doesn’t really reflect this. It’s interesting to compare this photo with another one of him in a hedge, taken in January 2012; that’s what adolescence does to you (visually anyway).

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Joe at the Handmade Parade

Sunday 25th June 2017, 12.15pm (day 2,131)

Joe, Handmade Parade, 25/6/17

Having taken Friday off work because of the funeral Sunday was a day at the desk for me, but at least around lunchtime there was the distraction of the 2017 Handmade Parade, Hebden Bridge’s annual photo-fest. Having featured this event on several occasions before (it’s made it every year from 2012 onwards), let’s add distinctiveness to this year’s entry by featuring Joe in his home-made finery. As ever, hearty congratulations to all who took part, the level of effort and creativity which goes into this totally non-corporate event still amazes me.

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Friday 23rd June 2017, 12.35pm (day 2,129)

Philip and Celia, 23/6/17

On 2nd June my aunt, Anne Morecroft, my father’s sister, died of heart failure — may she rest in peace. Today was her funeral, first at Dukinfield crematorium in Tameside, Manchester, and then the wake afterwards at Stalybridge Methodist church where I took this picture of my other aunt and uncle, Celia and Philip Hall (my mother’s younger brother). That’s the thing about funerals isn’t it: while regretting the reason these events start to become the only time you see your extended family. Should it be that way? Probably not, but I doubt I am the only person for whom it is true. Best wishes to them all, and families everywhere.

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Lunch (jigsaw) break

Thursday 1st June 2017, 1.40pm (day 2,107)

Jigsaw break, 1/6/17

Exciting times in the household as the jigsaw map of Brighton that was a Christmas present is finally finished five months later. With all three of us present to witness this stellar event, you can tell it’s the half-term holiday. Life doesn’t get more uneventful than this.

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