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Self-portrait in red shirt (honestly)

Tuesday 29th March 2022, 9.30am (day 3,869)

Drew 'red shirt' selfie, 29/3/22

At some yet-to-be-defined point in the future, there will come a day when not only do I have nothing in particular to photograph, but I also don’t manage to take a usable photo of nothing in particular. Today came close, I have to say. I therefore feel it necessary to fall back on this selfie taken in the morning, for no particular reason. I did think of calling it ‘selfie in red shirt’ but then I went monochrome so even that is somewhat indulgent. At least you can check on how I’ve been aging recently. Clare thinks I appear ‘terribly serious’ here but I guess that’s just what I look like at the moment.

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Not a wedding photograph

Monday 19th July 2021, 2.05pm (day 3,616)

Not a wedding photo, 19/7/21

Photographer and bride… but there was no groom in sight, so either these two were preparing some photos for a wedding at a later date, or this was a fashion shoot of some kind. The lump of rock behind is the big glacial boulder that stands in the Old Quadrangle of the University of Manchester.

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The other photographer

Saturday 10th April 2021, 2.05pm (day 3,516)

Football photographer, 10/4/21

That’s a big lens. Perhaps he’s compensating for something.

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Man photographing (man photographing) puddle

Wednesday 1st July 2020, 4.25pm (day 3,233)

Photographing puddle, 1/7/20

We are all starting to lose it. Why is he photographing this puddle? More to the point, why am I photographing him photographing this puddle? Which one of us is losing it more?

The sign is the added touch that will roughly date this scene for ever more.

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Up on the gantry

Saturday 9th February 2019, 3.35pm (day 2,725)

Filming Brighouse Town, 9/2/19

A rather precarious place to be positioned on a breezy day. But they did get to see the mighty Brighouse Town march to a 3-0 win that keeps them second in the table. And, I won the Golden Goal sweepstake, £30 return on a £1 ticket! Result!

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Jesús takes a photo

Tuesday 25th September 2018, 7.10pm (day 2,588)

Jesús Lau, 25/9/18

Where there is a conference, then there will be a conference reception, usually held in whatever local municipal building is considered most convenient: here, Oulu City Hall. It had a ceiling considered worthy of documenting by my fellow delegate Jesús — who comes from Mexico, the sort of place where they name their men Jesús, a name I have always thought must be something to live up to.

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The weather’s changed

Sunday 12th April 2015, 2.50pm (day 1,326)

Umbrella photographer, 12/4/15

Well, it’s been a damn good run on the weather — a week in California and then 6 days at home with barely a real cloud to be seen. But today…. it changed. I guess this photographer thought there was mileage in photos of wet cobbles, too.

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Treu Ginnel

Tuesday 30th December 2014, 11.35am (day 1,223)

Treu Ginnel, 30/12/14

The name of this street in Lancaster may make no sense but perhaps it helps to know that a ‘ginnel’, in these parts, means an alleyway. Where the ‘Treu’ comes from I do not know, and why this guy was taking a photo of the sign I have no idea, but seeing as I was taking a photo of him, perhaps he took the photo in order to give material for someone else to take another photo, in a kind of recursive thing.

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Alessandra, at work

Thursday 10th July 2014, 3.30pm (day 1,050)

Alessandra at work, 10/7/14

Another nice reason to come to Nairobi is the presence of some of my distance learning students, including Alessandra, pictured here on the right, doing her stuff for her company, the Cultural Video Foundation — check out their web site, they do some amazing stuff. Here she is interviewing a local artist for another project. And yes, that is an old double-decker London bus in the background.


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Photographing the old bridge

Saturday 18th January 2014, 3.55pm (day 877)

Photographing bridge, 18/1/14

I know this is rather over-exposed and otherwise suspect technically and in terms of composition (you can’t see the bridge properly) — but I still think it’s OK. Taken on Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, this afternoon.

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