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Pre-match warm-up

Saturday 29th August 2020, 2.40pm (day 3,292)

Steeton FC, 29/8/20

Travelling abroad may be curtailed at the moment but there’s still plenty of my own country I haven’t seen and going to football matches on Saturday afternoons is, as far as I am concerned, as good a way to see it as any. The village of Steeton, near Keighley, provides a picturesque backdrop to the warm-up exercises of the visiting Avro FC. I like the contrasting colours and the impressive house that pops up above the trees at the top.

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Michael in MOSI

 Friday 16th November 2012, 11.50am (day 449)

Michael in MOSI, 16/11/12

A similar theme to yesterday, I know, but for the second day in a row I’m chuffed with the picture so couldn’t omit it. It’s less impersonal anyway: this is one of my students, Michael, pictured taking notes (good boy!) during our field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. It’s that institution’s second appearance on the blog, after this shot in February 2012.

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