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Departure lounge, Sunday morning

Sunday 5th May 2019, 8.20am (day 2,810)

MAN T1, 5/5/19

The departure lounge is a kind of limbo state. You’ve sort of left the country, the real world, behind, but you’re not yet at your final destination or even properly travelling yet. Time stops behaving as it does out there. A beer at 8.20 on a Sunday morning is quite tolerated. But there’s nothing really to do: the system may as well suck some more money out of you while you wait. I would like to see libraries, cinemas and gyms in departure lounges. But I doubt it’ll ever happen.

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Downtown Derby, Sunday morning

Sunday 5th February 2017, 10.10am (day 1,991)

Downtown Derby, 5/2/17

It was the city of Derby I was heading to last night for my evening out, and a very good evening out I had. Having not been there (blog-wise) before I was keen for the place to feature on the blog as the latest new location, but walking through it back to the railway station this morning, it really did feel like a very nondescript place. All car showrooms, parking lots and industrial estates. So the above is pretty much the best you’ll get of Derby on a Sunday morning. Sorry.

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Sunday morning, outside Coffee Cali

Sunday 17th November 2013, 11.20am (day 815)

Coffee Cali, 17/11/13

A pleasant, relaxing Sunday, with everyone toking their caffeine and generally chilling out. Everyone should have a day like this at least once a week.

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Car boot sale, Halifax

Sunday 4th August 2013, 7.05am (day 710)

Car boot sale, 4/8/13

What makes this post somewhat exceptional in the general scheme of things is not so much its aesthetics but the time of its taking. I mean…. on a Sunday? And this place was packed at that time. We’d gone down to offload a bunch of Joe’s old toys, but nearly couldn’t get a plot despite getting up at 4.45am and arriving there an hour later at most. And at 6am people were turning up demanding to know whether we had any PS3 games. Blimey. Free-market capitalism, eh. I guess it works at this local scale.

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Joe in Caroline’s kitchen

Sunday 16th December 2012, 10.30am (day 479)

Joe in Caroline's kitchen, 16/12/12

After yesterday’s night out we stayed over in Leeds at our friend, Caroline’s. As was revealed, her kitchen catches some great morning light. This is about as natural a shot of Joe as it is possible to get at the moment – note the rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle…

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Mist on the hill

Sunday 14th October 2012, 8.30am (day 416)

Mist on the hill, 14/10/12

A somewhat boring day – had to work, for the third Sunday in a row – but a beautiful one, particularly in the morning. Hard to capture the combination of blue skies, a sharp chill in the air and mist clinging to the sides of the valley first thing, but this is my best shot.

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The morning after

Sunday 30th October 2011, 11.00am (day 66)

Clare and Caroline, 30/10/11_low-res

Nice to come downstairs and find two beautiful women in the lounge dressed in their bedwear. After that the rest of the day was taken care of.

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