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Cinema queue, wet

Thursday 28th October 2021, 7.20pm (day 3,717)

Wet cinema queue, 29/10/21

It is wet and cold outside — but warm and more welcoming within the Picture House. The movie? No Time To Die…. alright as these things go, I guess. No spoilers, but surely it’s time to bring this franchise to an end now…. but of course there will always be the next reboot, ‘Young Bond’, ‘Daughter of Bond’, the ‘New 007’.

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The name’s Bond, James Bond

Sunday 28th July 2019, 7.40pm (day 2,894)

Bond, James Bond, 28/7/19

On a day when the rain came down so hard we were in some danger of flooding again, it’s nice to have some escapism thanks to the Picture House showing Goldfinger. How cool is Connery in this role? Male or female, you surely cannot but want to be him. And as was the case the last time this place did a Bond tribute, the ones up front look pretty cool too.

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The winner is announced

Friday 20th November 2015, 8.25pm (day 1,548)

Bond night, 21/11/15

For the opening of Spectre at the Hebden Bridge Picture House, a gala fancy dress evening was declared (let there be joy & celebration, let jubilation reign, etc). Did the guy in his swimming trunks, or Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die win? Neither in fact. The guy in the jet pack was declared the winner.

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