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Liverpool, from the other side

Saturday 30th April 2022, 1.30pm (day 3,901)

Liverpool from Birkenhead, 30/4/22

The other side of the Mersey, that is. Hence, on the (recently updated) stats this photo counts as one in Birkenhead, not Liverpool. But Liverpool is what you see here, including both its cathedrals: Catholic (a.k.a. “Paddy’s Wigwam“) on the left, the Anglican one on the right.

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Strawberry Field, forever

Thursday 11th February 2021, 11.25am (day 3,458)

Strawberry Field, 11/2/21

So I was just passing through Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, today, and passed these gates to the Salvation Army children’s home of Strawberry Field. Around the corner, on Menlove Lane, grew up a certain John Lennon, who used to enjoy the annual Sally Army parties, where the brass bands played and he would play in the garden. In 1966 he began tossing around some ideas for a psychedlic pop epic about these memories — and the rest, you probably know. The original building was demolished in the 1970s, but it still functions as a visitor centre and, as you can see, attracts the occasional pilgrim.

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Path no more

Sunday 15th November 2020, 12.40pm (day 3,370)

Crosby dunes, 15/11/20

As good an illustration of the encroachment of sand dunes as you could show to a geography class. That sign is of current design and cannot have been there all that long, but of the ‘shared path’ which it once indicated, there is now no other evidence at all.

The docks are those of Liverpool, by the way. Did I stay at home today? Nope.

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Slavery Museum, Liverpool

Saturday 11th January 2020, 11.00am (day 3,061)

Slavery Museum, 12/1/20

A day out in Liverpool with Joe. The day as a whole was a good one, but let’s not talk about the football match later on. More agreeable was the Slavery Museum on Albert Dock, which while rather (understandably) depressing in places was certainly interesting — if not very big. These are Igbo carvings, I believe. The message in the back is pertinent. But yes, the black line, separating the panes of glass in the display cabinet, does bother me.

This pic was taken on my phone, as something happened today which has always been a possibility — I didn’t charge the camera battery properly and after the first picture of the day, when we were already on our journey, it died. Phone cameras these days do just as good a job of course, so act well as a backup. But one of these days a technical fail may well lead to a day with no photo: the most likely one I can think of being that my SD card breaks when I try to upload pictures the morning after, and thus too late to grab any emergency replacement. I hope that never happens of course, but I do wonder what my reaction would be. After (so far) 3,061 consecutive days of photography it would be something of a blow, to be sure.

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The Terracotta Warriors visit Liverpool

Saturday 21st April 2018, 10.50am (day 2,431)

Terracotta warriors, 21/4/18

I once started digging over a neglected patch of weeds in our allotment and a few weeks later was still going, pulling out all sorts of junk including an old oil drum and substantial remnants of what, thirty years before, had probably been a greenhouse. It was a pain in the arse, but nevertheless I did wonder what I was going to find, so it had a strange fascination to it. A dead body, I was expecting at one point.

Imagine then the feelings of the guys who in 1974 started digging a well a few miles from Xi’an, in China, and uncovered the first inklings of the massive army of thousands of life-size clay figures that we now call the Terracotta Warriors. Forty-four years later, they’re still digging and still pulling them out. Seven of the figures are currently off on a world tour, and presently displayed in an exhibition in the World Museum, Liverpool. It’s their individuality that impresses — and yet, it was probably easier for the makers to construct them all different rather than all the same, as each was made individually, not mass-produced in a mold. They don’t do much, of course — but they were worth seeing. At least, it gives you an insight into just how megalomaniac were ancient rulers like Emperor Qin.

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Crosby beach

Sunday 15th April 2018, 3.20pm (day 2,425)

Ice cream van, Crosby, 15/4/18

Optimism in the face of bleakness. These are the qualities that have kept the British seaside going for many generations now.

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Gone to Liverpool (maybe)

Monday 6th November 2017, 11.15am (day 2,265)

Victoria bike, 6/11/17

Or Southport, or Bury, which are other towns named on the facade of Victoria station in Manchester and to where one can still catch a train…. unlike Fleetwood, Goole and other places where trains haven’t gone from here in a long time. Hope he/she locked their bike securely, wherever it was.

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Inside Paddy’s Wigwam

Wednesday 24th May 2017, 2.35pm (day 2,099)

Paddy's Wigwam, 24/5/17

A work trip to Liverpool today (which thanks to recent events required a train tour of most of West Yorkshire and Lancashire to reach). After I had finished there was time to pop into ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’, a.k.a. the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, a modernist masterpiece that started falling down soon after it was finished in the 1960s but seems now to have been finished properly and become a permanent fixture. It is one of those buildings that is very difficult to capture from close up or from any single point within. I changed my mind about this shot at the very last minute but I guess it is my best attempt: I like the way there is no ‘front’ to it, instead the altar is in the centre, which feels more democratic.

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Beside the Mersey

Tuesday 6th October 2015, 1.30pm (day 1,503)

Beside the Mersey, 6/10/15

When in Liverpool, go see the Mersey. Although in the end that’s just marketing of a sort. After all, no one has a sudden urge to go see the Mersey when they visit, say, Stockport (another town that this river runs through).

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Asleep in the cafe, Liverpool Lime Street station

Saturday 2nd August 2014, 11.05am (day 1,073)

Asleep, 2/8/14

This is also how I felt this morning after our night out in Liverpool. I hope this woman didn’t miss her train — she was asleep in the cafe at the railway station for some time.

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